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Frequently Asked Questions --- Businesses

  • A listing of my business already exists. How do I claim it?
    To register as a true owner of a listed business, click "Claim this listing". Read the warranty terms and click "Confirm". You can now edit the listing information for the business.
  • How do I add or edit content on my business listing?
    Sign in to your account. On the left-hand column, click “Manage Business” > “Listings” to add, edit or update information.
  • How can I list my business on Top4?
    Click “Add Your Business” and enter the required information in the fields provided.

    Feel free to add more details in your listing, including a brief description and your business logo.
  • How do I contact the business owner?
    You can use various ways to contact a business by choosing from the options listed under the business address:

    - Phone: Click "Phone" and the business's phone number will appear.

    - Email: Click "Email" and a pop-up window will appear containing a field for you to type in your message.

    - Web: Enter "Web" and you will be directed to the business's website.

    You can also click the "Make an Enquiry" button" found on the right-hand side of the listing to send a message to the business owner.
  • How do I rank highly in Top4 search results?
    Use the “Bump Up” feature to move your ad back to the top of the listings in your specific category. Go to your account page or click "Manage Listings". On the left-hand column, go to "Manage Business" > "Listings" and click "Manage".

    Go to the business listing you have chosen to highlight. Click "Bump up this listing" option found on the right-hand side. A pop-up window will appear, asking for your permission to charge 3 credit points from your Top4 account to complete the task. Click "Yes".

    Go back to the category of the business you have bumped up and you will see it on top of the list.
  • How do I rate businesses ?
    Look for the rating star icons found on the upper right-hand side of the business listing. Click the number of stars that corresponds to how you rate the business.
  • How secure is personal information on Top4?
    Top4 will not share, sell or trade any piece if your personal information to anyone.

    For more information about our privacy policy, please read: privacy policy.
  • How will I know if a potential customer makes an enquiry?
    Go to your member page. On the "Manage Business" column found on the left-hand side of the page, go to "Messages" and click "Enquiries".

    Under the "My Leads" tab, you can see the enquiries users have made to the listings you own.

    Meanwhile, the "My Enquiries" tab shows the enquiries you have sent to other businesses.
  • I noticed a listing information error. How can I inform Top4 about it?
    To report an error, go to the business listing page. Under the business address line, click "Report."

    The "Report Listing" pop-up window will appear. Identify the problem among the following choices: Duplicated LIsting, LIsting Detail Inaccurate, Listing Location Wrong or Out of Date, LIsting Business No Longer Available, or Other.

    Fill in the Problem Description box for additional information.

    Click "Submit.
  • What should I do if my business has already been claimed by another user?
    If you find that your listing has already been claimed by another party, contact us at [email protected]
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