Age vs Mileage: What's More Important When Buying a Used Car

Age vs Mileage: What's More Important When Buying a Used Car


In the world of used cars, two factors seem to have a major effect on pricing: mileage and age. An 8-year-old car is usually less expensive than a 2-year-old car, for instance, while a 100,000-kilometres car is normally less expensive than a 20,000-kilometres car.

But what about a 2-year-old car with 100,000 kilometres? Or an 8-year-old car with only 20,000 kilometres? If you’re buying a car, should you be more concerned about its miles or its age?

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Mileage is Important

How much mileage is good for a used car? Well, naturally you may be inclined to look for a vehicle with minimal miles on the clock – after all, a car that’s knocked up 170,000 miles during its lifespan is likely to have experienced a lot more wear and tear than a car that has only done 70,000. This makes perfect sense, but you also need to consider what kind of driving and terrain the vehicle has been subjected to. A 4X4 that has endured numerous mountain adventures but has a low mileage may indeed be in worse condition than a luxury saloon that has travelled long distances on the motorway, a surface generally considered to be kinder on a vehicle’s mechanics.

If a car looks a bit battered and scraped but has suspiciously low mileage on the odometer, listen to your instincts. Perhaps the clock has been wound back to make the car more appealing? For this reason, it’s always a good idea to invest in a used vehicle from a reputable car dealership.

Age is Also a Consideration

Vehicles are only designed to last so long. While an older car may seem like an unattractive buying option in comparison to a newer model, there are also things to keep in mind where the car's age is concerned. A new car, for instance, might have travelled far and wide and therefore not look as good or run as well as it perhaps should do. Alternatively, an older car may have fewer miles on the clock and actually have a surprising amount of life left in it. That said, if an older car has been sat on the driveway for an endless amount of time, it may have suffered extreme deterioration that even the owners don’t know about.

Maintenance is Essential

How old should a new car be to get the best value? Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer – just like distance travelled doesn’t tell the whole story.

When buying a used vehicle it’s important to consider how well the vehicle has been maintained. Has it been regularly serviced? Has it been smashed up and repaired? Has it been used without difficulties and has been well-loved by previous owners? If all of the answers to the questions above are yes, it’s probably a good deal. If it has been left rot in someone’s garage but only has 20,000 miles on the clock, it’s not going to be a decent buy either. It’s all about common sense, which involves checking past records and test driving vehicles you like.

Always consider a perfect balance between mileage and age. Both factors are equally important when properly calculated. But no matter how old or how long the car has been driven, one more important factor many buyers tend to overlook is how the car has been used and maintained by the previous owner.

When a car has been previously submerged in floodwater, or when it had been hit in a previous accident, no amount of repairs, good mileage or age could make up for the damage that had been done. To be sure of what you’re getting, get the vehicle inspected first. Also, make sure that you don't only trust Roadworthy Certificates when buying a used car. After all, it’s your investment you want to protect in the first place.

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