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Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food is Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurant in Auburn that offer high-quality meals such as pizza, shish kebab, mix plates and many others.

Welcome to the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Auburn!

Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food is a restaurant specialized in Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine located in Auburn Road. As a Middle Eastern cuisine in Auburn, we serve many cuisines such as shish kebab, Turkish pizza, pastries and other variants of platters.

If you are new to Middle Eastern cuisine, we have options for you all. Our main dining area is very inviting and appeals to everyone. Our Middle Eastern cuisine contains natural flavors and subtle spices that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Our menu:

• Shish kebab

• Simit

• Turkish pizza

• Homemade dessert & Pudding

• Turkish Pastries

• Turkish Coffee

• Hot chocolate

• Nutella mocha

• Mix Plates

• Variants of platter

Come and visit Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food Restaurant in Auburn and experience the best-tasting Middle Eastern cuisine! We offer the facilities and food that feel like home!


Chargrill, Plates and Kebabs

Chargrill, Plates and Kebabs

Soups, Dips, and Salad

Soups, Dips, and Salad

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Sahan's Coffee

Sahan's Coffee
Turkish Pizza

Turkish Pizza

Enjoy your turkish pizza

Valid Until 08 Oct, 2025

The Taste of Real Turkish Cuisines

The Taste of Real Turkish Cuisines

Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food, the taste of real Turkish cuisines.

Valid Until 05 Oct, 2022

Small Coffee & Simit only $5.00 at Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food!

Small Coffee & Simit only $5.00 at Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food!

Small Coffee & Simit only $5.00 at !

Valid Until 03 Aug, 2028

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Simit is loop-shaped bread that is encrusted with sesame and it is one of the most popular Turkish street foods. Simit is considered a vegetarian food because it is egg-free and has no dairy products.

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Simit is arguably Turkey’s quintessential street food. We’ll take you to 600 years back to cover the journey of this circle of sesame delight from the palace kitchens to the streets of Turkey.

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Ezo Soup: the Hugely Popular Turkish Bride Soup

Ezogelin çorbas is claimed to help with morning hangovers and stomach aches. But did you know this red lentil soup's origin story reads like a fairy tale straight out of a Grimm Brothers’ storybook?


Turkish cuisine offers so many easy and delicious recipes that don't call for exotic ingredients.This red lentil soup is another easy Turkish recipe that you can make at home.

Best Traditional Dishes: Adana Kebab

TasteAtlas, a world-renowned online food site, has announced its 2020 awards in a list titled "The Best Traditional Food in the World," and Adana kebab has been ranked among the top three dishes.

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Your Easy Chicken Kebab Recipe

An easy and delicious Chicken Kebab recipe. These chicken kebab skewers are so versatile, they can be grilled, baked in the oven or cooked on the BBQ.

How to Cook Perfect Moussaka

Are you know hungry to try Moussaka? You can cook it at home but if you hate the hassle you can always order our homemade Moussaka at Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food for your family!

What Is Turkish Börek?

Börek in Turkish cuisine can be considered as a savory pie, but thanks to phyllo sheets, much lighter than that. Get to know what Borek is with us.

Why Food Catering Service will help your event successful

Catering is important because a large part of any event or party revolves around food. Whether it’s a family gathering, social event or a corporate gathering, we will be here for you!

Know Your Döner Kebab — The Origin of Döner Kebab

Döner kebab, or short, döner, is known almost all over the world. Ingredients and sauces may vary, and they often come under a different name. Let's get to know more about the origin of döner kebab.

Top 10 Ingredients in Turkish Cuisine

Turkish food is a large heritage that is known for the range of ingredients used for each cuisine. You'll be amazed that so many dishes feature simple, inexpensive items that are easy to find.

Weird or Unique? Turkish Food Not for the Faint-Hearted (2/2)

Every country has its fair share of amazing food and some dishes that make you think twice before you even consider eating them. Here is some of Turkish food that is not for the faint-hearted.

Weird or Unique? Turkish Food Not for the Faint-Hearted (1/2)

Every country has its fair share of amazing food and some dishes that make you think twice before you even consider eating them. Here are some of Turkish food that is not for the faint-hearted.

Things You Don’t Know About Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is very important for our culture and it is indispensable for the Turkish people. These are the things that you (perhaps) don’t know about it.

Ayran, the Perfect Drink for Your Summer

Ayran is one of the mainstays of Turkish tables during summers and is known as the best way to quench one's thirst. Here’s what you need to know about this Turkish specialty.

9 Turkish Soups You Should Try

Soups have held an important place in traditional Turkish cuisine for centuries, and certainly far more so than other world cuisines. Here you can find 9 Turkish Soups you have to try.

10 Most Popular Turkish Pastries

Turkish snacks, especially pastries, are probably one of the richest over all pastries in the world. Read here for 10 most popular Turkish pastries you should at least try once in your life.

The Richness of Turkish Pide

Turkish cuisine is very rich with various dishes of various regions. One of them is a salty pastry that has a place in all regions’ cuisines, Pide. Here are some interesting facts on Turkish Pide.

The Origins of The Moussaka

Moussaka is known as the original Greek cuisine. But is it really from Greece? Let’s find out the origins of this casserole. Read more here.

Ashura, the Oldest Dessert in the World

You might be hearing the word Ashura a lot, a delicious pudding with almost everything in it. Well, take this time to become acquainted with this mouth-watering dessert and the history behind it here.

4 Fun Facts About Falafel

Falafels are made mostly from chickpeas and are delicious as a snack or as part of a meal. But do you know other things about falafel? Read more here for 4 fun facts about falafel.

Rice Pudding: the Story

Rice pudding went out of fashion in the past 20 years and it wasn't until recently that I again experienced a traditional Anglo rice pud.

Have You Tried These Turkish Beverages?

Turkish beverages usually sound weird with the ingredients. But when you taste them, you will know why they are recommended. Read more here.

Best Turkish Desserts You Should Try

Who doesn’t like desserts? Every country has its own signature desserts, including Turkey. So what are the best Turkish desserts you should try? Read more here.

Must-Try Turkish Food When You’re in Turkey: All for the Vegan!

Turkey is indeed famous with its meat, from lamb kebab to Kofte. But little did people know, Turkey also has a variety of vegetarian food choices. Read more here.

Must-Try Turkish Food When You’re in Turkey: Meat and Seafood

The most well-known Turkish food all around the world is by no doubt kebabs. But Turkish meat dish is more than just kebabs. Do you know about these delicious dishes?

Must-Try Turkish Food When You’re in Turkey: Sandwiches and Wraps

Turkish Food is usually associated with Kebab and other lamb food. But it is more than that. Read more about Turkish sandwiches and wraps here.

Must-Try Turkish Food When You’re in Turkey: Snacks & Pastries

Turkish Food is usually associated with Kebab and other lamb food. But it is more than that. Read more about Turkish snacks and pastries here.

Burghul and Its Benefit for Us

Burghul is one of Turkish authentic ingredients many people know. But do you know the benefit of burghul? Check here to find out.

Red Lentil Soup (Mercimek Çorbası)

For centuries, Red Lentil Soup or Mercimek Çorbası has been a staple food in Turkey. This soup is popular among the Turkish. Read more!

What is Ayran?

Refreshing, soothing, and quenching your thirst. That's how you describe Ayran. Read this article to know about what it is and how popular this Turkish drink is.

What is Sucuk?

Sucuk is a hard, dry Turkish sausage made from beef or lamb. Depending on the sausage maker, the sausage tastes mild, garlic or spicy.

Guide to Turkish Ingredients

You want to cook Turkish dishes but somehow you have no idea how to make it taste authentic? Don't worry, we got you covered. Read this article to know what are the basic Turkish ingredients.

The Difference between Shawarma and Kebab (2/2)

While both are native to Turkish cuisine, both shawarma and kebab differ in the preparation and cooking methods. This article will continue the explanation from the previous article.

The Difference between Shawarma and Kebab (1/2)

You most likely have stumbled upon Turkish kebabs and/or shawarmas. If you have ever wondered what makes these dishes different, then you have to read this!

Gözleme: What is this Turkish Breakfast?

Made of hand-rolled dough and filled with various toppings, gözleme is a favourite breakfast of nearly all Turks. Click here to read more about this Anatolian food.

What is Falafel?

These deep-fried balls are one of the most popular snacks from Middle East. Tasty and healthy street food. But what exactly is falafel?

Simit vs Bagel: How different are they?

People are often associate simit as the "Turkish bagel". But actually, simit and bagel are different types of bread. Here are some characteristics which make simit a distinct bread.

İskender Kebab

This food is based on Döner Kebab, but the additional ingredients make it better. Here's what you should know about İskender Kebab!

Indulge That Sweet Tooth With Every Kind Of Baklava You Can Imagine!

Perhaps you’re already familiar with this sweet dessert pastry. But actually, baklava is not just one type of pastry. Here are the varieties of the Turkish pastry.

What You Need to Know About Turkish Desserts

Maybe you're curious about Turkish desserts. You want to know how it tastes or simply about its stories. Therefore, this is what you should know about Turkish desserts!

Enjoying an Adana Kebab

If you want to know how to enjoy the amazing adana kebab the right way, keep reading!

Adana Kebab

Do you know that Turkey has more than one type of kebab? Keep reading to find out more about this kebab!

Lahmacun: Turkish Thin & Crispy Pizza?

Lahmacun, also known as Armenian pizza or Turkish pizza, takes thin crust to a whole new level.

The Health Benefits of Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is inherently healthy and highly seasonal, with many dishes being built around the multitude of fresh produce available.

5 Strangest Turkish Dishes You Have to Try!

Turkey's worldwide reputation as the home of the simple kebab is misleading - because the country is much more than just a nation of meat lovers.

You May or May Not Know, Here's 7 Most Popular Turkish Dishes!

Turkish food may sound tempting, yet there are various dishes that defines the magic of Turkish delicacies! Here are 7 most popular Turkish dish that you skhould know!

Turkish Style First Meal of The Day

Turkish cuisine can't be discussed without paying special attention to the Turkish breakfast. It is a truly unique start to the day, with a line-up of tastes all it's own!

How Turkish Food Became As We All Know It!

Turkish cuisine has been well known throughout the world! They are rich in flavour also rich in history! Here's how the world came to know the delicacy known as Turkish cuisine!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Turkish Coffee

Many people rely on coffee to perk them up in the morning. For those who love a strong, rich brew, Turkish coffee may become the new go-to cup of joe. Here's Why!

Lahmacun: Turkish Thin & Crispy Pizza?

Lahmacun, also known as Armenian pizza or Turkish pizza, takes thin crust to a whole new level. But what is lahmacun actually? And how is it different from Western pizzas we know?

How Healthy are Kebabs?

You may have been wondering, are kebabs healthy? With the meat and sauces and sides and everything, kebabs can look intimidating. But are they really unhealthy?

What Does Hummus Taste Like?

Maybe you have heard of hummus before, but never tried it. In this article, we will tell you how amazing hummus is, and what it tastes like.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Middle Eastern Food

It can be intimidating trying a new cuisine, especially cultural food you’re not familiar with.

The Versatility of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Since the 1990s, people who study nutrition have touted a Mediterranean diet as a model for healthy eating, and Middle Eastern food is a great example of this type of diet.

Ayran: A Popular Middle Eastern Beverage Benefits Your Health

magine you are eating at a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern cuisine. Each dish is piled high onto your plates and packed with flavors both spicy and sweet.

Turkish Künefe: the Hot and Cheesy Southeastern Dessert

Turkish cuisine is famous for its sweet and syrupy desserts like baklava and şekerpare (sheh-KEYR' pah-RAY').

Baklava: A Sweet History

If you find yourself craving a little something sweet after your delicious meal, Sahan Mezopotamian has a treat for you. Try our delicious baklava, available at our restaurant.

Why is Turkish Food World Class?

When the best cuisines in the world are judged it comes as a surprise to most people that Turkish cuisine has been rated as one of the three great cuisines of the world, along with French and Chinese.

The 10 Most Popular Spices in Turkish Cuisine

Most spices used in Turkish cuisine are easy to find wherever you are. Just look in the spice section of your favorite market.

Introduction to Middle Eastern Food and Cooking

While many dishes have the same name across these Middle Eastern countries, yet they might taste entirely different based on the region. Find out what characterizes Middle Eastern cuisines.

7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Turkish Coffee

Although Turkish coffee is known and loved all over the world, not everyone knows the story behind it. Here are 7 interesting facts you didn’t know about Turkish coffee.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Baklava

Everyone knows Baklava is a delicious dessert, but there are some interesting things one might not know about it.

Differences and Similarities of Turkish and Middle Eastern Cuisine

Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine distinct, partially from custom, partially from climate variations.


Turkey has many types of beverage but here are 6 famous beverages you should know and taste.

Circle of Sesame Delight

Simit name originates from the word "simithane," the name of a flour depot. A sweetened bread in the shape of a ring, scattered with sesame seeds.

Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Turkey sits at the crossroads of east and west and Turkish food is a mixture of cuisines that has resulted in some of the finest dishes in the world.

Everything You Need To Know About Turkish Cuisine

Heading abroad to new and exciting destinations is all part of the thrill of going on holiday.

What Makes Turkish Food Taste so Good?

In Istanbul, everywhere you look you can see baklavas – a dessert made, usually, with honey and walnuts –, Turkish delight – a gelatinous sweet confection traditionally made of syrup.

Differences and Similarities of Turkish and Middle Eastern Cuisine

Turkish and Middle Eastern regions overlap. Foods, from the former Ottoman Empire, share many ingredients, dishes, and cooking styles.

Shish Kebabs' Origin and History

Variations of Turkish shish kebabs are found in many cultures

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