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Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food is Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurant in Auburn that offer high-quality meals such as pizza, shish kebab, mix plates and many others.

Welcome to the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Auburn!

Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food is a restaurant specialized in Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine located in Auburn Road. As a Middle Eastern cuisine in Auburn, we serve many cuisines such as shish kebab, Turkish pizza, pastries and other variants of platters.

If you are new to Middle Eastern cuisine, we have options for you all. Our main dining area is very inviting and appeals to everyone. Our Middle Eastern cuisine contains natural flavors and subtle spices that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Our menu:

• Shish kebab

• Simit

• Turkish pizza

• Homemade dessert & Pudding

• Turkish Pastries

• Turkish Coffee

• Hot chocolate

• Nutella mocha

• Mix Plates

• Variants of platter

Come and visit Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food Restaurant in Auburn and experience the best-tasting Middle Eastern cuisine! We offer the facilities and food that feel like home!


Chargrill, Plates and Kebabs

Chargrill, Plates and Kebabs

Soups, Dips, and Salad

Soups, Dips, and Salad

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Sahan's Coffee

Sahan's Coffee
Turkish Pizza

Turkish Pizza

Enjoy your turkish pizza

Valid Until 08 Oct, 2025

The Taste of Real Turkish Cuisines

The Taste of Real Turkish Cuisines

Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food, the taste of real Turkish cuisines.

Valid Until 05 Oct, 2022

Small Coffee & Simit only $5.00 at Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food!

Small Coffee & Simit only $5.00 at Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food!

Small Coffee & Simit only $5.00 at !

Valid Until 03 Aug, 2028

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