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Self Storage - Rhodes, NSW

Rhodes Self Storage is a Self Storage Facility in Rhodes that offer different sizes of storage units for your personal or business needs, ranging from 1 to 70 square meters.

Rhodes Self Storage is a family owned and operated business proudly servicing Rhodes and the surrounding suburbs. The owners have been in the Self Storage business since 1999, establishing Rhodes Self Storage in 2008.

Rhodes Self Storage is committed to providing convenient, safe and secure storage to the local community. Voted as the cleanest storage facility in Sydney by our recommended removalists - who have seen them all!

Your goods are in safe hands with Rhodes Self Storage. We provide ‘round the clock camera surveillance to keep our units safe and secure at all times. Also, the art security systems and procedures in place to ensure the security of the facility and your storage unit. Keeping your belongings in the same conditions that you brought them in is our number one priority!

Our Services:

  • Personal Storage
  • Business Storage
  • Move-in Solutions
  • Access Hours
  • Storage Insurance
  • We stock a large range of boxes and packing materials to assist you in moving your belongings. We’re conveniently located on the Rhodes Peninsular, just a short distance away from Rhodes Train Station - swing by whenever you need to access your storage unit.

    Our personalized service is second to none whilst providing an array of self storage unit sizes to assist the needs of both commercial and residential customers. At Rhodes Self Storage, we’re all about providing you with high-quality, convenient, and flexible personal storage solutions.

    Storage Insurance - Rhodes Self Storage

    Storage Insurance - Rhodes Self Storage

    If you insure your contents at home, it's important to cover your contents whilst in storage!

    Valid Until 31 Aug, 2023

    Are you starting to re-open your business?

    Are you starting to re-open your business?

    Self storage is a convenient way to save money for small businesses looking to cut costs.

    Valid Until 31 Jul, 2024

    Move-in Solutions

    Move-in Solutions

    To assist in taking worry and stress out of moving your goods into storage we offer a moving trailer hire service free of charge to all new customers moving into our facility.

    Valid Until 30 Apr, 2025

    Business Storage Solutions

    Business Storage Solutions

    Self Storage isn't only for personal use. It is also a great facility for business owners. Here what Rhodes Self Storage would like to offer to Business owners.

    Valid Until 30 Apr, 2024

    Personal Storage: What We Offer

    Personal Storage: What We Offer

    If you are moving, renovating, decluttering, travelling, or simply running out of garage space - we can help!

    Valid Until 31 Mar, 2021

    Clutter Solutions - Rhodes Self Storage

    Clutter Solutions - Rhodes Self Storage

    Do you have clutter problem at home and not sure what to do with it? Rhodes Self Storage is perfect for you.

    Valid Until 31 Mar, 2025

    After Hours Access!

    After Hours Access!

    Your storage is secure and you can visit them until 9 pm !

    Valid Until 31 Mar, 2025

    Transform Your Storage into a Personal Space!

    Transform Your Storage into a Personal Space!

    Ever wonder what you can store with us? Here we have a great idea for you!.

    Valid Until 31 Mar, 2023

    Storage Insurance Guarantee - Rhodes Self Storage

    Storage Insurance Guarantee - Rhodes Self Storage

    Still not sure that Self Storage is not safe? Well, not in our watch! Our Self Storage is the safest in Rhodes. We even cover your storage insurance for you! Check out the details below.

    Valid Until 28 Feb, 2022


    Reduce the space taken up by bulky items such as clothes and bedding. Two small storage saver bags per pack.


    Medium twin pack brass 40mm body padlocks with steel shackles.


    Hand Dispenser to suit Bundling Film product. Stretch wrap with ease with this hand held dispenser. Holds stretch wrap in position for firm and upright application.

    Utility Rope

    Sturdy Utility Rope for Packing

    Fragile Tape

    Vibrant coloured warning tape to identify fragile and precious items. Use to seal boxes to identify breakables.

    Book Box

    Everyday box for packing books, CDs/DVDs, games and other non breakable items.

    Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap ready to use.

    Archive Box

    Strong, fast assembly, all purpose archive and storage box.


    Lightweight pad with polycotten outer. Ideal for use during storage or local transit.


    Lounge chair protection cover - 2 per pack.


    Easy and Economy Tape

    Combination Padlock

    Medium brass 40mm body 4 dial combination padlock with steel shackle, resettable.

    Bundling Wrap

    Budling wrap for effective packaging.

    Zip Carry Bag

    If you are tired carrying card boxes to store your things, this zip carry bag is the solution for you.

    Kitchen Box

    Kitchen box for your kitchen appliances

    Pallet Wrap

    Pallet Wrap for appliances

    Tape Gun

    Easy to set up and use tape gun with comfort grip handle and retractable blade.

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    Frequently Asked Questions | Rhodes Self Storage

    Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from our clients at Rhodes Self Storage, as well as everything else you need to know!

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    How Self-Storage can Benefit Small Businesses

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    7 Essential Questions To Ask When Looking for Commercial Storage in Sydney

    Here are seven essential questions you need to ask when choosing a storage company in Sydney.

    Top 6 ways storage for business can save you time and money.

    Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we provide the business storage solutions you need to organise your business and make life just that little bit easier.

    Saving Through Storage: How to Get Money-Smart with Self Storage in Sydney

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    5 Quick Tips to Make Storage for Business More Efficient

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    Looking for cheap storage in Sydney?

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    10 Main Reasons People Use Self Storage

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