How to Store Baby Clothes, a Stroller and Crib

How to Store Baby Clothes, a Stroller and Crib


Babies require a lot of supplies. Between strollers, cribs, clothing and a changing table, it is easy to let their items take over the house! But what do you do with their items once your child outgrows them? Well, if you plan on having another kid in the future, it may be beneficial to hold onto these items. Instead of keeping these items in your home, consider a storage unit rental.

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5 Tips for Storing Baby Clothes

  • Wash the baby clothes: Always wash your baby clothes before you store them. Any leftover food left on the items can cause mold or mildew to form on your baby items.

  • Purge unwanted items: Sort through your baby clothes to determine if there’s any items that are too worn down or that you didn’t like to use for your first child. Items that are worn down should be thrown out. Items that you didn’t personally like can be donated.

  • Sort into size piles: Sort the baby clothes into piles based on when your child would use them. For example, create a newborn pile, 0-3 months pile, 3-6 months pile and so on from there. Sorting your items into piles based on their size will save you time when you go to remove your items from storage to use them again.

  • Pack into plastic containers: Pack the items into plastic containers for storage. Plastic containers will help to keep any dust or dirt from getting on your items. Additionally, these boxes are clear which will make it easier to find the container you need.

  • Label: Even though you will be able to peer into the containers to see what’s inside, it is still important that you label the outside of the container. Specify the sex, age range and season of baby clothes inside of the container.

  • How to Store a Stroller

  • Clean the stroller: Before storing the stroller, clean it off. Wipe any area that touches food down with a child friendly cleaner to kill any bacteria that may be present. Vacuum the inside of the stroller to remove any crumbs or pet hair.

  • Fold up the stroller: Fold up the stroller to prevent it from taking up too much room in storage. This will also prevent damage from occurring to the structure of the stroller or wheels.

  • Cover the stroller: Keep dust and dirt from settling on the stroller while in storage by covering it with a sheet.

  • How to Store a Crib

  • Take a picture of the crib: Baby cribs can be complicated to set up. Before you take apart the crib, take a picture of the crib set-up. This will help you to have a much easier time when setting up your crib in the future.

  • Disassemble the crib: Disassemble the bed and use a tie tag to label the pieces with instructions such as “right side” or “back”.

  • Keep small pieces together: Place all small pieces into a plastic bag. Label the front of the plastic bag with the pieces and parts inside.

  • Wash mattress and mattress pad: Machine wash the mattress pad to clean it. Vacuum the mattress to remove any food, dirt or hair. Use a child friendly cleaner to wipe down the mattress and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

  • Store the crib inside of box: Place the crib, mattress pad and mattress inside of a box for storage. This will help to prevent dust and dirt from settling on your items.

  • If you know you will need baby items in the future but not now, why keep them in the house? Instead, declutter your home using a storage unit rental!



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