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Occupational Therapy - Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD

My OT Crew provides occupational therapy services that help people to overcome various limitations so that they can live more independent lives.

Welcome to My OT Crew!

Based in the Brisbane region, My OT Crew provides occupational therapy services for people with a disability aged 6 to 65.

Occupational Therapy is the treatment of the physical, psychological and psychiatric conditions through specifically selected meaningful activities in order to help the client reach the maximum level of function and independence in all aspects of daily life.

My OT Crew has over 15 years of experience working with people, their families, and support networks. We work with people who have a variety of disabilities ranging from intellectual to physical to psycho-social.

Our Service :

- Functional Capacity Assessments: Our Crew is experienced in completing FCAs and reports which are vital for supporting you to achieve your goals.

- Assistive Technology: As a specialty area for My OT Crew, we're your team for sorting out wheelchairs, mobile shower commodes, high/low beds, and any other A/T needs you to have.

- Achieving Independence: Would you like to broaden your skills in a particular area? My OT Crew can tailor therapy sessions to help you meet your goals and develop independence.

- Home Safety Reviews: Our team performs home safety reviews, can sort out grab rails and provide you with tips and tricks for making your home safer.

- Vehicle Access: We can help if you're having trouble getting in and out of the car, storing your wheelchair, or traveling while seated in your wheelchair.

Please contact our office to discuss any of our services with someone from our professional and friendly team.

Welcome to My OT Crew!

Welcome to My OT Crew!

Welcome to My OT Crew!

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