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Fresh and delicious Japanese cuisine. Kaisen Japanese Restaurant is the ideal venue for groups, in a friendly and very comfortable atmosphere.

Kaisen Japanese Restaurant is one of the popular Japanese restaurant located in Paddington. Kaisen joins with other sister restaurants to give you unbeatable value so you can dine and entertain more often.

Our experts chefs have crafted a menu with the finest Japanese Cuisine traditions for authentic fine flavours and culinary delights. Traditional Japanese cuisine with modern and western interpretations allow you to be surprised with tantalizing new tastes in sushi and Japanese Cuisine.

Fully Licensed!!!!

Kaisen Restaurant is fully licensed and large enough to accommodate special events. See our menus to share with beloved ones.

Our menu includes but not limited to:

• Sushi

• Bibimbap

• Pork Katsu don

• Chicken Karaage Don

Also, we offer:

Soft drink

Come and visit us with your family or friends and experience our delicious food. You will be tempted by every delight we offer.

Dare to taste our tasty secret recipe?


Kaisen Restaurant Menu

Kaisen Restaurant Menu

Kaisen Restaurant Menu

Kaisen Restaurant Menu



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