Why You Should Still Rent Videos and DVDs

Why You Should Still Rent Videos and DVDs

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In this modern age of 24/7 connectivity to the Internet and the online video viewing and streaming capabilities, anyone can start watching a video, TV series episode, or a movie on their TV or mobile devices. You can watch as many episodes as you like in one sitting (an activity that isn't unknown to people who spend their weekends catching up on their favourite shows by binge-watching in their pajamas). And you can certainly watch even while you're on the go — on the bus, plane, train, while having a quick lunch on a park bench, and anywhere else you may be, using your smartphone, tablet PC or laptop.

With these modern conveniences, why would anyone want to consider stepping inside a video and DVD rental shop to pick up a film that can be watched at home, and then returned to the shop before the deadline?

There are still a few video and DVD rental shops to be found in neighbourhoods, and you may want to stop by and browse the aisles soon — because there are five good reasons to rediscover this activity for the simple yet delightful benefits it provides.

You get to reminisce old family traditions.
Anyone is sure to get hit with nostalgia when they open the door to their local video rental store and begin looking through the rows of DVDs and videos that can be rented. Most families, in earlier decades, made it a Friday or Saturday night ritual to troop to the rental shop in the evening, let the assigned person choose a title for the night's viewing party, and then go home to freshly delivered pizzas and all kinds of snacks so they can enjoy a movie night together. It's a memory that many hold dear and will gladly recreate with family and friends alike.

You experience comfortable viewing at home.
There's no replacing the experience of watching movies at the cinema, with your significant other cuddled up next to you as you share a tub of popcorn and sip huge sodas, with other people in the seats around you doing the same. But sometimes, all you want to do at the end of a long work week is to go home, change into your pajamas, flop onto the couch with your dinner and a bowl of ice cream, and put on a DVD that you can watch in peace and quiet (and with subtitles, if you hate missing a single word of dialogue).

You can enjoy new film releases without having to buy DVDs that take up space at home.
You never know if you're going to like a film until you watch it all the way through, so it's nice to watch it first from a rented DVD. If you like it enough to want to watch it again, then you can go out and buy a DVD of your own, which you can be happy to add to your collection.

It's ideal for areas with poor internet signals.
Not every corner of the country has impressive connectivity, so renting DVDs and videos in such locations would be the better option to be able to enjoy all kinds of video entertainment.

You get to enjoy the customer service and interact with the people at the shop.
Rather than just clicking and swiping away at your mobile device, it can be refreshing to enter a video and DVD rental shop, look through titles, ask the staff for their recommendations and share a laugh or two, and walk away with a promising film choice in your hands, and perhaps a new friendship beginning with a fellow film enthusiast. It's nice to get some human interaction over a shared interest.

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