Five D’s for Choosing a Movie to Watch

Five D’s for Choosing a Movie to Watch

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Watching movies is a good pastime, but it should never be a waste of your time. There are certain things you need to consider before watching a movie. It’s not that simple because there are a lot of films now to choose from, but here’s a quick guide that can help you choose wisely.

Decide what type of movie you will watch.
Think of what you like to see in a movie. Make a list of movies that interest you. Choose the genre and mood of movies you like.

Do your research.
Try watching a movie adaptation of a book you have read. This is an easy to way to select a movie to watch. Meanwhile, if you are looking for new stories, the internet is a great tool to find movie reviews at websites like Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Rotten Tomatoes and, theatre show times like those on Fandango, or rent videos from online stores such as Netflix.

Determine the movie's rating.
Movie ratings are a great way to determine if a movie is something you might want to watch. Understand these ratings so that you will be able to choose the movie that suits your age. If you will be watching with kids, it is better to choose movies that have “G” or “PG” ratings.

Discuss with friends.
To enhance your movie watching experience, ask friends to watch with you. Remember that people have different criteria for determining whether they like a movie or not. Be sure to keep your friends’ preference in mind when choosing a movie. You can also ask the opinion of someone who has already watched the movie you are considering to watch.

Deliberate on what you will get from the movie.
A movie is a medium of communication, and every medium has a message. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will absorb the message behind every movie you are watching. Movies are not just for entertainment purposes, but it can also be an avenue for learning. While you want to enjoy the movie of your choice, it’s also good if you will be able to learn something from that movie.

Choose a movie that is worthy of your time, attention and money. If you are able to choose a really good movie, you will enjoy watching it and you will even recommend it to your inner circles. Click here for more guides about watching movies.


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