Why You Should Watch Movies at the Cinema

Why You Should Watch Movies at the Cinema

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The number of people going to the movie theatres has been dwindling for the last few years. From being one of the top Friday and Saturday night leisure activities among young and old alike, watching films inside the actual cinemas has become more of a secondary option to viewing the films in the comfort of one's home.

For many people, the rising prices of movie tickets, along with the growing "inconvenience" of going out to the theatres (compared to watching at home or anywhere, anytime on mobile devices), is just not worth making an effort for, more often than necessary, today.

Of course, there are still plenty of people who relish the idea of heading out to the theatres to watch the latest flicks, as there are still a number of advantages that the cinema-going experience inevitably has over the alternatives.

Here are five excellent reasons why you should watch movies at the theatre this coming weekend:

You’ll experience great video and audio quality. The average homeowner is not likely to have a personal theatre with a gigantic screen, surround sound and ultra-comfortable seating in strategic positions within their property. Cinemas, on the other hand, invest in these equipment in order to ensure that the video quality is superb, the sound is coming at you from all sides, and you get to have that unmistakable, awe-inspiring cinematic experience of watching things unfold on the big screen.

If you watch a movie off a website, or download a copy from a suspicious one, you can never predict how good the picture and sound quality will be, so you risk ending up frustrated and disappointed because you didn't understand or enjoy the film. If you wait for the film to come out on DVD, on the other hand, it would take several months before you would be able to see it.

You’ll help support the actors, directors, and film franchises. The movie industry depends on the moviegoing public for its survival. So each time you purchase a ticket, you are helping to show them that their work is appreciated, and you also help demonstrate that their work is a success, and that any future film sequels, prequels and other films they make will be supported as well. That's good news for any film lover eager to see more work by a director or a group of actors.

You’ll avoid picking up computer viruses from downloading movies online. As mentioned above, you can watch movies directly on websites or download them (illegally) from others. And while you may find some sites that deliver the promised high-quality movies, there is still a chance that you would be directed to a website that could infect your computer with viruses, which can be a nasty dilemma to experience. There's no point risking your computer or laptop's working condition by visiting these dubious websites.

You might have an opportunity to see your favourite movie stars in the flesh. Every now and then, the most popular cinemas would invite film directors and actors for photo opportunities, meet-and-greets, interviews and launch events. If you're a die-hard fan of a certain film actor or actress or interested to hear about the director and crew's processes during the creation of the film, this is something you can look forward to — and something that will not come with a DVD or a downloaded film.

It's still a much-loved activity that friends, families and couples can enjoy. At the end of a long work week or during a leisurely weekend, it's still a great deal of fun to meet your partner or friends at the cinema, line up to buy tickets, get your sodas and tubs of popcorn, and file down the aisle to find seats that would give you the best view of the screen. Viewing teasers and previews of upcoming films, seeing the lights going out and hearing the silence wash over the audience, hearing collective gasps and laughs during pivotal scenes, and getting up to leave when the lights come on at the end of the film are still irreplaceable experiences for anyone who loves to see a story unfold in the space of two hours.


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