How to Pick a Good Restaurant Every Time

How to Pick a Good Restaurant Every Time

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For many people, one of the finest pleasures in life is being able to taste and savour all kinds of delicious, well-prepared food.

Whether you're rewarding yourself because you survived a long and grueling work week, you're celebrating a family member's birthday, a close friend wants to catch up over a meal because she just found a new apartment (or a new job, or a new partner), or your kids begged and pleaded to be taken out for dinner because they were especially well-behaved when guests came over your house, good food is always a wonderful treat — especially if an exceptionally good cook will be preparing the meal for you, and you don't have to clean up after!

Of course, not all restaurants are made equal. If you're quite adventurous with your food choices, you may already have a few experiences wherein you tried out a new place that looked pretty promising, only to be disappointed and swear never to come back.

And then there are the obvious champs (restaurants where you knew from the moment you took your first step inside that the meal was going to be excellent, and it was) as well as the surprise winners (places where you were only expecting to get a decent meal, but they totally blew your mind because the overall experience they delivered was fantastic).

There are a number of factors that you would have to consider before you can say that a restaurant is worth visiting again and again and recommending to everyone you know. To help you identify great restaurants for every possible occasion, and that are sure to make it to your list of favourite places to get good grub, keep these four important variables in mind:

  • The eats. Of course, nothing will draw you to a restaurant over and over more than the food served. You may love a particular place because the food is seasoned well. Maybe the dishes are so uniquely created and put together in an impressive presentation on a plate. You might appreciate the fact that a restaurant serves healthful organic, cruelty-free food items. Or maybe the food brings such comfort at times when you're tired, or craving something rich, or allowed to sneak something a little rich into your diet.

  • The service. In other instances, you may have restaurants in mind that serve food that is simple and good — nothing to proclaim undying love for, really — and yet the service provided by the staff is so warm and dedicated that you feel very comfortable returning to the establishment. It can be something as simple as offering a free appetizer or drink while you wait for a table, or providing a way to keep your kids occupied (like a colouring book or a game), or making sure that you have everything you need (drink refills, extra napkins or condiments, etc.) throughout your stay.

  • The ambience. There's always that factor that makes you feel like you can stay at a restaurant for hours without becoming uncomfortable or impatient. Perhaps it's the attractive interior design, the cosy furnishings, a homey or romantic vibe, or a layout both inside and outside the restaurant that is easily accessible for everyone.

  • The price. Of course, you have a budget to think about when eating out. There are times when you can go for an affordable yet filling meal, and other instances wherein you're prepared to splurge accordingly to celebrate an occasion. You'll find yourself gravitating toward restaurants that always offer the best value for the amount of money that you pay.

By keeping these different factors in mind, you'll be able to pinpoint the right restaurant to head over to for whatever occasion or purpose you have — and you'll always be sure to have yet another satisfying dining experience.


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