Storage Checklist & Tips

Storage Checklist & Tips


Self-storage provides a simple and very convenient solution for your needs. All you have to do is choose an appropriate storage facility and store your items in it. However, to ensure the excellent condition of your treasured belongings while in storage, you need to prepare and pack them with the utmost care and great attention to the details.

Here are all the useful tricks you need to know when preparing your belongings for storage:

Storage Checklist

Check what can be stored. Liaise with your storage provider to check if any items are prohibited from being stored. Usually, foodstuffs and dangerous goods are not accepted and the storage of these items may invalidate your insurance.
Packing tips for storage. Double wrap any special items susceptible to extreme heat or cold, such as old photos and books, and vinyl records
Protect your furniture. Despite best efforts, airflow can be limited in your storage unit so you need to treat your wooden and leather furniture to protect it from mould, mildew and damage from humidity
Moving and storage tips for your whitegoods. Ensure that all whitegoods have been disconnected, defrosted and thoroughly washed. It’s a good idea to leave the doors slightly ajar to prevent smells from building up and to stop rubber seals from weakening during storage
Storage tips for your electrical goods. Preferably, all electrical goods should be returned to their original packaging. If this isn’t possible, use an appropriate moving box with plenty of quality packing material inside. Check all batteries have been removed from electrical goods
Use protective wrap. Use removal wrap for all of your furniture and industrial wrap for all other belongings. This will protect your valuables from dust and pests during storage (Kent secure storage includes free packing blankets and heavy-duty plastic covers)
Remove batteries. Remove batteries out of toys, remotes and other items to avoid damage caused by the battery acid leaking
Check machinery. If you have any machinery, such as lawnmowers and whipper snippers, drain all fuel and oil.

Storage Unit Packing Tips

Maximise your space. The space inside your storage unit is precious; make the most of it. Do this by packing all the way to the roof and using plywood over several boxes to create stable layers. Any longer items such as mattresses should be placed on their edges along with the storage units walls
Use pallets. By laying pallets across the floor, you can keep all of your belongings and furniture off the ground. This will be a lifesaver in heavy rain or in the event of a spill
Use labels. You should have all of your boxes labelled and then have an inventory, listing what is contained in each box. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of this inventory in your storage unit and another copy somewhere safe.
Protect the space. Protect your unit from damage, especially in self-storage units where penalties can be charged for any damage caused. Use plastic wrap to protect the unit from any spills, dampness or other damage that your belongings may cause
Invest in a lock. If you opt for a self-storage unit, invest in an all-weather short-arm lock. Short arm locks can’t be broken open with bolt-cutters, giving you another level of protection.

If you need to rent a storage unit, be sure to contact Rhodes Self Storage today. We offer competitive rates and a variety of locations so you can get organized no matter where you’re located.

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