Self Storage Benefits for Business and Homeowners

Self Storage Benefits for Business and Homeowners


Benefits Of Self Storage For Homeowners And Business Owners

Most people use self storage when they are in the process of moving or trying to downsize. However, self storage offers multiple benefits for a variety of situations, for both homeowners and business owners. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of self storage for homeowners and business owners.

Benefits of self storage for homeowners

A self storage unit allows homeowners the freedom to access their belongings whenever they want. It is easy to accumulate a lot of personal possessions during a lifetime, so self storage can help save valuable space within a home.

Self storage units provide a safe and secure place to store your personal belongings. The units are located on private property and cannot be accessed unless you are renting a unit yourself. Additionally, advanced facilities will have video security that is in operation around the clock. Many units also have keypad access for further privacy and security.

If you have large items, such as vintage cars you are restoring or boats, then space can become a big problem at your home. By storing these items, you free up space at your home and protect them from the weather and other dangers. Prized paintings, collectibles, important documents, and other valuable items can be kept in a self storage unit to keep them safe.

Certain situations, such as divorce, can force one partner to leave their home suddenly with some of their belongings. In this situation, that person may have to move into a smaller space, like an apartment. Self storage units can be extremely useful in these types of situations because they are convenient and safe.

Benefits of self storage for business owners

Storage units have become an excellent solution for business owners. As the cost of office space goes up, businesses are often working with less space. If you find your business facing this situation, there are many ways you can benefit from renting a self storage unit.

It is typically far more cost efficient to rent units for your business than a larger work space. Many business storage units are around $100 per month, compared to over $1,000 per month for a bigger office space, so the savings are considerable.

Storage units provide extra security for business owners against potential water and fire damage that many office buildings don’t provide. Self storage units are highly-protected and air tight. Office buildings are at a greater risk for robberies as well as fire and water damage.

If you run a business, you accumulate a lot of items, including unused office furniture, files and papers which aren’t accessed often, and even equipment. Storing these things away from the office will give you more space and eliminate any clutter.

Many business owners are concerned about the storage of their valuable documents. Even though space decreases, there are state-imposed, or self-imposed, requirements to keep documents in proper order. Evaluate not only your document storage needs now, but also those of the future, because they can easily become much greater. If you are thinking of expanding your business, but don’t want to pay for additional space, then a business storage unit is a great option. Paying for more office space also comes with extra utility expenses, so business owners will save money by renting a unit.

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