Odometer Tampering Case

Odometer Tampering Case


Here we have another example of an unsuspecting purchaser who inspected a car, liked what he saw, and then arranged for us to do a complete inspection.

Whilst the car itself is in good condition—with minimal points of concern—the real issue was the fact that there had been some ODOMETER TAMPERING.

Jan 2020 Auction

Jan 2020 Odometer

May 2020 Odometer

Tampered odometer 1 May 2020

Tampered odometer 2 May 2020

The car was sold at auction in January 2020 with 218k, then a few months later, the new owner presented it for sale again with 141k. Along the line, nearly 80k have gone missing, which has been done to present the car with a much more appealing km reading. But it is FRAUD and DISHONEST.

Other evidence was along with the car: the service book had been ‘modified’ and recreated with a different one and falsified entries.

What they did was so wrong and unethical in so many areas, it infuriated me.

To think how many more cases like this slip through the cracks because the trusting buyer does not do enough checking, makes me shudder.
Avoid this happening to you and engage the services of an inspector who also does some preliminary or background research—like GERMAN PRECISION—to provide as much information as possible.

If you are looking for a professional pre-purchase car inspector and a car purchase advisor in Melbourne, contact us now for more information!

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