Electricity Safety During Storms

Electricity Safety During Storms


Right now, many of us have already been affected by devastating floods, and many more are at risk over the coming days. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted. Stay safe!

It’s crucial you stay up-to-date for further warnings and advice through:

- Bureau of Meteorology
- Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
- Queensland Police
- ABC NEWS or your local radio station

Call 000 for life threatening, critical or serious emergency situations only!


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Above lighting


Clean-up After a Flood

It's important to clean-up safely after a storm and flooding.
  • Report fallen, low or damaged power lines to the emergency services and stay away from them.
  • Stay away from electrical signs, streetlights, electrical cables, foil insulation or other conductive material that may be lying around your house.
  • Stay away and don’t touch switchboards if they are damaged by water, fire or if lightning is close, and warn others to do the same.
  • Don’t do your own electrical work - it's illegal and dangerous. Always use a licensed electrician, you can check your electrician is licensed using our Electrical Licence Search (ELIS)..
  • If you have a solar power generating system, avoid getting on the roof keep away from solar panels and their cables.

Electrical Appliances and Equipment

Using water-damaged equipment can cause electric shocks and fires so make sure you:
  • Dispose of water-affected electrical items, such as kettles, toasters, and televisions.
  • Have a licensed electrician check all water-damaged hard-wired electrical appliances, such as air-conditioning units or stoves, intended for reuse. This safety check may be required before the power supply can be reconnected.

More on electrical equipment.

Property or Connection Damage

If your property or connecting line has been damaged by the storm or flood, you may need verification tests on your switchboard, wiring, equipment, and appliances to be carried out prior to reconnection to ensure the electrical circuits are still working.

A licensed electrician will need to perform this task and a certificate of test will ensure your local electricity distribution entity can reconnect your service.

Queensland Disaster management has more information about storm safety and actions to take before, during and after a storm.

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Source: electricalsafety.qld.gov.au and disaster.qld.gov.au


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