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Home Loans - Mortdale, NSW

Salt Finance is a boutique home loan & car loan specialist helping hard working Australians to get a better deal, save interest and own their homes sooner.

Salt Finance is a business with the know how and resources to put working Australians in a better financial place. A boutique, holistic service provider with finance at its core, Salt Finance caters for the entire wealth creation process both directly and via specialist advisers and providers.

Prior to establishing Salt Finance, founder Marco Cipri worked in the mortgage sector for many years assisting clients with all their mortgage and finance needs. During this time, he identified a concerning trend in the banking and finance industry affecting working Australians with mortgages.

Quite simply, there was and remains very little assistance to help customers pay their home loans off sooner, save interest & tax, create wealth and help secure their financial futures.

The sad thing is, whilst everyone talked about it (and still does) in their marketing – especially the major banks – no one actually seemed to have the knowledge or if they did, care to put people in a better financial place. There is a simple reason for this.

Apart from a lack of knowledge, quite simply, banks profit via the interest customers pay on their mortgages. The more interest customers pay, the more profit the banks make. If customers were to pay their loans off sooner, the banks would make less money.

The results of this lack of knowledge and care is that customers who could potentially be in a better place were left in a worse place – struggling with debt that never seemed to reduce and feeling like they were never moving forward. That was until Salt Finance was born with the mission statement:

“Live today, own tomorrow!”

Inspired by Gandhi’s Salt March, Salt Finance was created out of a vision to show and assist working Australians, just like you, how to own their homes sooner, build wealth and advance towards financial independence simply and safely, one step at a time.

No matter what your finance needs, from a home loan to a business loan or personal loan, Salt Finance has the expertise and options to get the results you need.

So call us to start a conversation with Salt Finance today to discuss your personal needs and goals and take a great step to claim your financial independence!

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