Your Guide for Buying Backup Generators

Your Guide for Buying Backup Generators

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If your power outages only last for more than a day or two, you’ll understand the importance and benefits of having a backup generator as a household equipment. Generators come in two sizes, varying from too much compact to quite large

When it comes to size, generators are generally classified in two ways:

Portable Generators
These generators are the smaller ones, which are powered by gas or fuel diesel and mounted on wheeled frames. They can also be moved into places for temporary use when there’s an outage and can be stored in places. Portable generators can also be loaded into trucks to produce power while you’re working in remote locations.

Standby Generators
Standby generators are larger than portable generators. These generators, which are designed for permanent installation, are powered by natural gas or propane. With their size, they can handle all or most of your household’s electrical needs, and commonly feature an automatic switch that turns on the generator when the power is out and turns off when it’s restored. An electrician is needed for installing this generator and should have a positive interlock system that stops the shocks and overloads by shutting off the main breaker automatically when the generator comes on.

Here are the benefits of installing a backup generator in your home:

Food maintenance
When the power is out, you may worry about the food inside your refrigerator. Generators can prevent your food from spoiling by keeping your refrigerator running. They also save the expense of totally restocking your fridge and freezer. The cost can be frightening, particularly with secondary refrigerators or freezers.

Health and medical issues
Generators power essential medical equipment including respirators and recharge batteries for critical devices such as wheelchairs. They can also keep an air conditioner functioning to prevent heat distress, breathing issues or both.

General household power
Generators can produce sufficient power — whether it’s small or big. They run the essentials such as lights, stove, and refrigerator, allowing your household to work with some semblance of normalcy. Capacity varies but many can also provide enough electricity for computers, small appliances, freezers, and TVs.

If you work out of your home full-time or occasionally, a small backup generator can provide the power you need for computers and similar devices. If you have a home-based business with large power demands, invest in a standby generator with sufficient capacity to run essential equipment. In either instance, you can continue to produce work, meet deadlines and generate income.

Comfort and well-being
Generators also give comfort to you by powering the fans, space heaters, or small air conditioning units so you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

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