Wood Garage Door versus Steel Garage Door: Which is Better?

Wood Garage Door versus Steel Garage Door: Which is Better?

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Installing or replacing a garage door is best left to the pros. So is figuring out what kind of garage door would be the right choice for your home. A range of material is on offer, so it’s important to consider all the criteria when selecting your new garage door.

Wood and steel garage doors are the two most popular choices, each with pros and cons. Garage doors are a considerable investment –both in real dollars and potentially adding value to your home – so be sure to explore online galleries and design resources available at leading Australian garage door manufacturers like Steel-Line, Gliderol or B&D.

Wood Garage Doors

timber garage doors wood garage doors

Wood garage doors can add elegance and beauty to your home and give it striking street appeal. Wood garage doors show off our Australian native timbers and craftsmanship. Advanced manufacturing methods here now make it possible to have wooden doors nearly as flexible as roller doors. Get to know which door is best: sectional doors, tilt or panel lift doors and custom designs.

A wood garage door is pricier than a steel garage door, clearly because the materials are more expensive as is the custom work that may be required to manufacture it. However, wood garage doors are a selling feature when it’s time to sell your home – so for investment appeal, you could be making a good choice.

Wear & Tear and Maintenance
While wooden doors are beautiful, they do require upkeep. Depending on your material, your wood garage door will need oiling, staining, light sanding or painting every year or so, maybe more depending on climate conditions where you live. Yet for many homeowners; regular maintenance is a small price to pay for the true beauty of a wood garage door.

There’s less chance of damage to a wood door. Nicks or scratches are easy to cover or fix, unlike a dent in a metal door if it gets hit by a stray ball. Treat wood garage doors as you would timber.

Steel Garage Doors

steel garage doors metal garage doors

A steel door won’t be affected by humidity, rain and heat the way a wooden door will be. Since a garage door faces the elements on a daily basis, consider all these factors. Many steel doors now come in realistic wood-grain finishes at a fraction of a wood garage door price and without the regular maintenance.

Far less expensive than wooden doors in general, but a vast range of finishes and options can put metal garage doors on the high end of the price charts. Options like windows or decorative finishes like timber- or stone-look will drive up the cost of an otherwise affordable factory-standard steel garage door.

Is your garage a workshop? A sleeping space for pets? Think about how well insulated it will be with a new garage door. This is important especially for garages which are attached to the home or used as workshops.

Typically, steel tends to be a better insulator than wood, The R-value of most steel doors ranges from R-5 to R-6 –so a 3.81cm thick door (no window) offers more than 5x the insulating value of a solid wood door the same size. Some wood garage doors now contain insulation. A well-insulated steel door will help keep your garage cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

Wear & Tear and Maintenance
Live near the coast or in a rainy region? Your steel garage door will be more prone to rust. In most instances, steel garage doors are finished with a polyester coating that will keep them from rusting for a number of years: Check the warranty and what it includes. Regular maintenance is simple: a power wash from time to time is all you need. But once a year, it’s good to know what summer maintenance your garage door needs.

If you have a cheaper quality or older steel door that shows signs of rust, treat all spots early to help prevent corrosion. Sand off any rust and repaint the area with a zinc-rich primer and exterior latex paint.

Dents and Scratches
Yes, a stray basketball or cricket ball can put a dent in a metal garage door. A lot will depend on what density steel you select. A thick 24-gauge steel, for instance, will hold up much better than a less sturdy 28-gauge steel. The stronger the steel, the less likely it is for your door to dent and scratch with regular wear and tear.

Annual servicing recommended
Most major manufacturers in Australia suggest having a metal door serviced by a local installer each year –particularly to look at all moving parts, hinges and automation. (This would also apply to remote-control powered wooden garage doors.)

A wood or steel garage door? It’s up to you
Both wood and steel doors have pros and cons, and only you can determine which garage door is right for you, your family and your home depending on your budget, design and vision. To help you decide, go see the top garage door providers in Australia or if you are living across the Brisbane region, feel free to call or visit Ultimate Garage Doors & Gates to know more. 


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