Factors to Consider When Choosing A Garage Door for Your Home

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Garage Door for Your Home

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Garage doors can curb the charm of your home but shopping around for one is a daunting task. Various brands and designs make the process a challenging one, especially if you don't know what exactly you're looking for. So if you're one of those garage door owners who want to get a new one, here are helpful tips to help you get the best garage door you can buy.

How much force the garage door will take and how long it will endure all depend on the material you've chosen for your door.

- Steel doors are resilient and tough and need only regular cleaning or torch up. They’re durable but can be affected by rust whenever they’re scratched or dented. They don’t easily warp, crack, delaminate or fall apart just because of the weather effect. In addition to this, they do an amazing job in imitating the appearance of a wood.
- Vinyl doors are more durable than steel doors. They can handle extreme weather conditions and are immune to rust. You also won't have to worry about re-painting them.
- Wooden doors are charming to the eye. They continue to appeal to those seeking traditional and classic styles and material which offers natural beauty, availability and easy customization. They can be crafted to bring out a glamorous appeal, but they need constant maintenance and painting or they'll just warp and crack due to the weather.
- Aluminium doors are lightweight and inexpensive. They give a modern look and offer numerous selection of finishes, but they don't hold so much insulation and aren’t recommended for areas with harsh environmental conditions.
- Fibreglass doors are translucent and resistant to the effects of salt air, which is why they’re sometimes chosen for locations where light transmission is important and for corrosive ocean climates. They come in different designs, finishes and colours, but aren’t the best options for cold weather because they’re not heavily insulated and can break easily.

Your garage door is meant to protect your vehicles and other important items in your garage, and determining its temperature is a must. Choosing you garage’s insulation needs depends on your climate.

- Insulated doors can give your garage a comfortable temperature and doors can be insulated depending on what you want. With energy cost increasing rapidly, manufacturers are creating doors that are insulated to reduce the heat loss of the garage doors. Having an insulated door will be very energy efficient, but insulation doesn’t just save on electricity. It also affects the noise reduction from the outside. The thermal attributes are represented as R-value and the greater this value is, the better the noise reduction. Insulation also enables the door to work silently.
- Non-insulated doors are for a warm climate. They have an open back and can overheat the garage.

You should get a door that matches your home's exterior for an excellent aesthetic look. Double paned windows are a good option if you want to let daylight in but still keep the intense temperatures out. If you've got a Victorian-styled home, it's better if you complement it with short-raised panels.

Here are the basic panels to choose from.
- Raised panel garage doors are durable and can be a beautiful addition to your home. They come in two panel styles: short and long.
- Flush panel is a flat type of door with a subtle texture and looks like wood. If you prefer to have a garage door that’s nice-looking but doesn't draw too much attention, this is the best style for you.
- Carriage panel gives you a unique look of a garage door at an affordable price. It offers you a classic carriage style with its deep embossed wood grain texture.

Windows can help your garage doors to be more appealing and can be a good feature to it. Adding window can give your garage door a new character.

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