Why You Should Watch Horror Movies

Why You Should Watch Horror Movies

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Are you a fan of horror movies? Do you enjoy watching scary films? Whether you do it alone or with a group of friends, watching a horror movie surprisingly proves it has health benefits and positive effects. Some people enjoy watching some surreal, supernatural events that we don’t face every day in our real life. Like other movie genres, horror movies are also kind of entertaining for some viewers. It’s the individual’s personal choice what to watch and what not to for entertainment purposes.

Horror movies also have certain classifications like ghost & paranormal, psycho, satanic, action & violence and some documentaries covering the greatest wars that the world has seen so far. Not all horror movies belong to same class but a very small portion can be considered as a reenactment of some violent historical events. The good news is, horror movies aren’t just created to scare and creep us out because researchers find it beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Here’s why you should consider watching horror movies.

It’s good for the brain activity.
Watching horror movies allows your brain to secrete chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate, leading to adrenaline secretion (which has an anesthesia effect similar to those of drugs). This is good for your mental health because it lowers your stress and anxiety as well.

It helps burn calories.
Studies show that watching horror movies is a great exercise because it can burn up to 200 calories depending on the movie. So if you’re not in the mood of going to the gym, pop yourself into your bed and watch a scary movie.

It can help you forget daily stresses.
Whenever you’re watching a horror movie, your whole body gets all tensed up but your mind gets the perfect diversion, enabling you to simply forget all the stressful things in your life. “Adrenaline pumping” acts like a stress resistant. As your adrenaline rushes all throughout your body, your adrenal gland is activated, which then boosts your energy. It also helps you avoid anxiety and depression.

It boosts your immune system.
Researchers reveal that watching horror movies will spike the levels of active white blood cells. The white cells are the soldiers brought to the battlefield every time viruses, bacteria or any other wrongdoer tries to bring terror into your body. Any wound, disease or condition you have requires the support of white cells to fight back.

It deals with your fears.
Watching horror movies is great for your DNA because although you have memory deep down to deal with situations that may frighten you, your current environments often don’t put you in that state. Watching a horror movie acts as an emotional simulator for this and triggers your DNA to respond.

Choose a movie to watch wisely with these tips.


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