What Makes You Order More Food From A Restaurant?

What Makes You Order More Food From A Restaurant?

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Have you ever felt like you spend more than you should while enjoying an evening in a restaurant? Most people tend to order a lot of food when eating out, especially if the venue is one of the best in the city. Even though you don’t realise it, there are several factors why you tend to order more and pay more as a result. Here are top 4 reasons that cause you to order more restaurant food than you may need:

1. The varied menu
What is the perfect amount of dishes to try from a restaurant menu? A study’s findings show that restaurant customers have a limit number of menu items they like to have on their table. There is a certain amount of menu choices which they categorise as too little or too distracting. The urge to try several items from the menu all at once are popular as many restaurants serve their menu tapas-style, where people can try various courses in small portions.

2. Mesmerising menu layout
Menu design determines the way people see the food they’d like to order. There's a pattern how people typically go through menu pages: they generally scan the menu in a Z-shaped line starting at the top-left corner. However, people are easily interrupted by items being highlighted in boxes, next to images or icons, written in bold or in a different colour.

3. Appetising names and descriptions
An ethnic label, such as an Italian or French name, will make people rate the food as more authentic. Add an interesting description which suggests people to order the menu and they will make more positive comments about the food attractiveness and taste. A label may lead the customer’s attention to a feature in a dish, helping them identify certain flavours and textures. Some restaurants also occasionally use menu copy to trigger customers’ curiosity and start a conversation between diner and waiter.

4. The right atmosphere
How the owner sets the vibe of the restaurant, such as adding particular scents, will build the atmosphere and the desire to try several foods or drinks. Certain genres of music are proven to increase sales in the restaurant business. Putting high-profit items next to the extremely expensive food items will make them seem cheap by comparison, then people will tend to choose the second expensive instead. Set menus seem like a good value and, therefore, give you an excuse to eat and spend more.

A great restaurant offers just the right balance of food quality and quantity for that ultimate dining experience. Try out the restaurants in this list to savour the best of Austalian cuisine today.  


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