Top 4 Tips to Rate a Restaurant Based on the Menu

Top 4 Tips to Rate a Restaurant Based on the Menu

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You can find the most recommended restaurant in the city by browsing through the Internet these days. Reviews, awards and multiple guide listings are reliable guides for discovering a new find. However, there is another way to find out if a restaurant is any good: by reading between the lines of the menu. Here are the things you should carefully consider while reading through the menu.

1. Seasonal menu
When a restaurant offers a seasonal menu, you can start doubting its ability to use the right food techniques to offer the best items year-round. With the right cooking techniques, preparation and technology, today you can have quality ingredients regardless of the season.

2. Menu design and dish names
The look and feel of a menu may give you the impression of the restaurant. You may rate a restaurant menu based on its layout and design. However, you need to be aware of the pompous language used to name the items on the menu. Menu descriptions also tell you about the size of the portions you are going to get and how the food is cooked. It’s better to ask the waiter if you are unfamiliar with certain ingredients or the cooking style.

3. Menu choices
You should also consider the range of food available on the restaurant menu. A compact menu that has around 20 options is more likely to represent good quality and good ingredients. Be wary of items that are easy to serve or prepare, such as chicken dumplings or spring rolls. They are possibly made by food manufacturers producing ready meals and not particularly made by the chefs.

4. Skill
Making good use of a whole animal is one example of the best kind of sourcing. So, when you see something appears multiple times in various form, that’s your hint to the kitchen’s standards and skill.

If the food list seems all good, then you can check the chef’s or the owner’s backgrounds by searching it online. Also, the size of the restaurant tells you how many portions they can serve while maintaining consistency in taste and quality. Lastly, check your budget then match it with the food price. When all factors are aligned, then you can visit the restaurant without any doubts.

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