Top 4 Tips to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice

Top 4 Tips to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice

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Today, music has become part of our everyday life. If you’re an aspiring singer, it’s important that know your vocal range. You should also know what song you’re comfortable singing and the particular keys you’re struggling with. If you’re singing with a band, you can just ask the musicians to adjust the key for you. But still, it’s important that you know what type of song is appropriate for your voice.

To help you in choosing the right key for your voice, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Know your vocal range.
The first thing you should do is to know the limits of your vocal range. If you choose a song that’s too high or too low for your voice, you’ll be uncomfortable in singing it. Also, your audiences are most likely to notice your struggle. You can know the right song for you if you have general ideas of the highest and lowest notes you can sing but if you’re not sure about how to find your vocal range, you can start by singing a song with a piano and try to experiment with the keys. You can turn the scales up and down and know where you’re comfortable with.

Try different keys.
Trying and experimenting on different keys of the song can help you choose your key. You can try singing a song in three different keys to explore your voice. You can sing the song in three similar keys, close in pitch or try the higher and lower key of the song. You can also try to flip the song around and give it fresh and new elements.

Record your voice.
After experimenting with different keys, record yourself and listen to it after. Through this, you can determine if you sound good or not. If you feel you sound fatigued in the recordings, maybe the key doesn’t fit you. If you think you’re missing some notes and you’re struggling in reaching it, you can try more comfortable keys.

Ask for feedback.
It may sound like a waste of time but asking for others’ opinion can really improve your singing. You can ask for feedback from your friends, family or from a professional vocal coach. Also, be open to some criticism and take it as one thing to improve.

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