Top 4 Tips for Packing Your Office Lunch

Top 4 Tips for Packing Your Office Lunch

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Packing your office lunch? That’s a great idea. Eating out regularly during your lunch break can drain your budget fast and wreak havoc on your diet. If you wish to eat healthier and save more money, consider bringing a packed lunch to the office.

Packed lunches do not need to be tedious, boring or unhealthy. By following the following tips, your lunch break can turn into a simple feast.

Preparation is key
Your work week can be hectic, and with your chores at home, you may not have enough time to plan and prep your menu for the work week. One simple workaround to this problem is to make the necessary preparations during the weekend. Set aside at least one day during the weekend to plan your menu, go grocery shopping and even cook in advance.

Prepping and cooking meals in advance will allow you to save time and eliminate the guess work. Before setting out for work in the morning, all you have to do is to pack your lunch and reheat your meals during break time.

Get better containers
One easy way to make your meals look appealing and appetising is to store these in quality containers. Swap your plastic bags and containers for a sturdy microwaveable container. And instead of using a brown paper bag to carry your lunch, buy a lunch bag that is reusable and easy to clean. You might also want to invest in utensils, mason jars and bento boxes.

Stave off boredom with creativity
One of the pitfalls of bringing packed lunches to work is boredom which makes it tempting to eat out. Eliminate this problem with a little creativity. If you buy food ingredients in bulk, think of different ways you can prepare and cook these. Look for different ways to prepare and even re-use the ingredients you commonly use. It may also be helpful to plan your meals to avoid using and eating the same ingredients for two consecutive days.

Keep spices and condiments in your work desk
Think of your work desk as your mini-pantry and bring the spices and condiments that you commonly use. These can instantly upgrade a boring meal into an enjoyable one. Just make sure that your spices and condiments are stored properly and neatly to avoid mishaps like spills.

At the onset, committing to bringing packed lunches will entail a lot of time and effort. By following the tips listed above, you can overcome these hurdles, ensure that you enjoy your meals, eat healthier, and save more money.

On the other hand, on the occasions that you’ll need to dine out for a business meeting, here are the top business lunch spots in Sydney CBD to try.


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