Top 4 Business Lunch Spots in Sydney CBD (Plus a Few Helpful Tips)

Top 4 Business Lunch Spots in Sydney CBD (Plus a Few Helpful Tips)

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The next time you're meeting up with a valued client or a prospective business partner, swap the conference room for a table at one of Sydney CBD's top restaurants.

A lot of today's business executives forget about the distinct advantages of a business lunch. In the process, they miss plenty of opportunities that this type of meeting offers. What are these advantages?

For starters, both you and the person you are meeting up with get to talk in a distraction-free environment. No phone calls or emails or employees waiting. This means that you can focus on the task at hand.

A restaurant is also a neutral territory. Power positions are virtually eliminated and both parties are on equal footing.

Business lunches are preferable when both parties have little time to spare. If each party has less than an hour to spare, both can buckle down to business over a hearty spread.

Furthermore, a business lunch allows you to share an experience with the person you are meeting up with. This shared experience can be leveraged into a unique and beneficial relationship.

The only problem here is choosing which restaurant to reserve a table at. Sydney's CBD has a diverse array of establishments to choose from, which makes choosing a business lunch venue an especially tough task. Here are four of the top restaurants you might want to consider.

Rockpool Bar & Grill
Located on Hunter St., Rockpool is a perennial favourite among executives and foodies alike. You can't go wrong with this spot.

117 Dining
Meeting up with a high level executive? 117 Dining offers a high degree of discretion. It certainly does not hurt that the establishment’s offerings like the Hutt River marron crayfish and foraged mushroom are well-worth the trip.

Pei Modern Sydney
Got some more time to spare? Schedule your meeting at the Pei Modern Sydney. Discuss business matters while feasting on a two- or three-course meal.

Lotus Dumpling Bar
Looking for healthier fare? Sample Lotus Dumpling Bar's refreshing take on Asian cuisine.

Business lunch tips
Despite the more casual setting, remember that a business lunch is an opportunity to show your company in the best possible light.

For your attire, avoid being underdressed. If you work in a company that does not have a strict dress code, bring an extra set of clothes and change into these well ahead of your scheduled meeting.

Let the other party order first and base what you will order from that. For example, if you are planning to order a steak and the other party orders a salad, you might want to order something less lavish. If you do not want to be disappointed, eat something prior to the meeting. Be mindful of your table manners and treat restaurant staff with courtesy.

If you are the host, you are expected to take the meeting's lead. Do your homework and do not spend an enormous amount of time deciding on what to order. Steer the discussion toward the important matters at hand and keep things related to business as much as possible.

It is alright to get a few drinks but avoid getting drunk. Otherwise, you will embarrass not only yourself but your company as well. Stay reserved and let the other party talk while you listen.

Wine, dine and do business better. Know more about the top dining spots in Australia here.


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