Pet Care Tips While Travelling

Pet Care Tips While Travelling

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A lot of people take their pets on holiday, and why not? After all, pets are part of the family. You can pick up books listing caravan parks, units and self-catered accommodation that welcome four-legged or feathered friends and, in addition to these, the following tips will make both your trip and the holiday carefree.

Travelling with Birds
It’s quite possible to travel with your cockatoo or budgie, provided that:
- they travel in their own cage
- you remove grit or sand from the floor of the cage and replace it with newspaper
- you don’t overfill seed bowls
- you place wet cotton wool in the water container to prevent spillage but still provide water for the bird
- you remove all hanging toys to prevent injury
- you cover the cage with a cotton sheet, as bright lights and sudden movements may frighten the bird
- you take adequate food and water (or buy bottled water)
- you ensure all cage doors are fastened using plastic ties to prevent escape

Travelling with Cats
Cats aren’t the sort of animal you’ll be inclined to take away. They prefer places over people, and as such are best left at home or in a cattery. Even getting them to a cattery can be a headache. Invest in a good-quality durable plastic cat transporter, which can be easily cleaned and secured. When cats are in panic (which is often what they feel in a moving car), they can demolish a cardboard box in 10 seconds. One thing you don’t want is a frightened cat loose in your car.

Travelling with Dogs
Dogs are the main pet travellers. Like cats, small breeds can be housed in transporters. Medium and larger breeds prefer to have a little more freedom. The emphasis, however, should be on the word ‘little’. They, too, need a measure of control. The ideal is a harness, which fits around the neck and chest. On the top is a ring to which a lead can be attached, and also a webbing strap through which the rear seat belt can be fixed. Your mate is then confined to one-half of the back seat and is safe in an accident. Pack a travelling case with grooming tools, food, water, bedding, favourite toys and spare collar and lead.

General Rules
- Never put an animal in a car that has been parked in the sun without properly airing the vehicle to get the temperature down to a reasonable level.
- Never leave animals in a car, even with the windows part-way down. Motor vehicles are like microwave ovens. You can’t see very much happening but things are getting very hot inside.
- Use an air conditioner or a wet towel in the partly open window or on the cage to keep things cool.
- Prevent injury by using devices that fit a partly open window, allowing air in but preventing a dog from getting its head out.

For more pet care tips, consult the top veterinary and pet services in Australia today.


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