Dog Grooming Clippers: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives

Dog Grooming Clippers: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives

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If you want to use dog grooming clippers, there’s a huge selection of electric dog grooming clippers available to groom your dog at home, but in some cases, these grooming tools are best left to the professionals.

Take a look at their advantages and disadvantages before choosing a pair of pet clippers.

The main advantage of using dog grooming clippers is that they can quickly trim and cut your dog’s coat in a record amount of time.

Dog grooming clippers are easy to handle and travel-friendly. You can easily bring them with you if you have vacations, trips or an out-of-town bonding with your family, just in case your dog needs a touch up away from home.

Pet clippers can be outfitted with a selection of blades, so pet owners may use one pair of clippers to trim multiple pets in the home with different types of fur. Multiple blades may also be used to create a number of cuts and styles.

With the right care, clippers can last for many years – the reason they’re a worthwhile investment.

The main advantage of using pet clippers is the noise they create. There are animals that are constantly freaked out by clippers and that may develop extreme anxiety, even display violence if clippers are used on them.

Using the wrong types of blades can pull dog hair, which may cause pain to dogs, and the clippers can even cut or scratch their skin.

Clippers do require consistent maintenance such as oiling, cleaning and sharpening the blades, or they’ll quickly fall into disrepair.

Pet clipper alternatives include pet shears or grooming scissors and some dogs with wire coats can be professionally hand stripped (a painless process that removes dead hair in the coat). Scissoring even the smallest of dogs, though, can take a lot of time – and unless you’ve been professionally trained on how to scissor a dog’s coat, the results can look a bit rough.

If you want your dog’s coat scissored, consider hiring a professional pet groomer for the job. If you want to clip your dog at home using dog grooming clippers but you’ve never used these clippers, talk with a local pet groomer about the techniques that will help you give your dog a beautiful and safe cut – or for fun, consider taking a class in pet grooming.

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