Locked Out of Your House? Here’s What to Do

Locked Out of Your House? Here’s What to Do

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Have you ever experienced being locked out of your own house? This embarrassing adult truth actually happens to everyone. Ideally, you’ll give your spare key to your trusted neighbour or friend, but if it happens when you haven’t handed your spare key to someone, try to do the following to help you open your house.

Look for unlocked windows.
Normally, you’ll never leave your house with your windows unlocked, but if ever you locked out yourself, you can try finding an unlocked window that can be your perfect entry point. Be careful as you enter through the window because you might get off balance. You should also be aware that if you’ll go down, there might be some furniture or items lying below your window.

Remove the door knob.
As long as you’re not using the deadbolt on your door, you can remove that door knob. Usually, door knobs’ mounting screws are hidden but if you look closely at the door knob, it has tiny pin-sized hole or slot, which is normally below or at the side of the door knob. By using a thin piece metal such as bobby pin or paper clip, insert your newly made tool and apply some pressure. You should feel that there’s a resistance and just keep pushing the metal tool as far into the hole as possible with your one hand. Your other hand will push and twist the doorknob to just keep the process continuing. To reveal the lockset, you can use a screwdriver to pull back the locking mechanism and it will unlock your door.

Get your cards.
This method is only applicable for spring bolts, the one usually found on standard door knobs. It may not be useful for doors with deadbolts. By using this method, you should choose a card you don’t need any more such as outdated gift cards or defunct membership card. It’s best if you use laminated cards because of the flexibility of the plastic.

Here’s how your card can help you:

- Between the frame and door, insert your card where the latch is located.
- Hold the card perpendicular to the door and try pushing or wiggling the card.
- While you’re pushing, bend the card away from the doorknob to slide the latch back.
- Push your weight against the door while you bend the card.

When you have successfully opened your door, make sure to call a locksmith because it only proved your home is easy to break into and you should upgrade your door locks.

If you still can't find a way to your home, contact Dependable Security Group today for the best locksmith services you need.


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