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Locksmiths - Tallwoods Village, NSW

Dependable Security Group is an experienced locksmiths in Mid North Coast, NSW. They offer a range of security services and products such as alarm systems, security cameras, key cutting and much more.

Dependable Locksmiths is a professional locksmith in Mid North Coast, NSW. We are a family-owned and operated business and was first established in 1997. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing the best security solutions that suit your individual needs.

Offering numerous security systems including Access Control, Master Keying, Safes, Locks, CCTV, Intercoms, & Roller Doors, we aim to provide our customers with the most up to date and reliable systems available.

Our mobile workshops are fully equipped and ready to come to you, servicing the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Our services including:


• Access Control

• Roller Door Repairs & Servicing

• Master Key Systems, etc

With the ever-increasing rate of crime, theft and unauthorised entry, today more than ever people are looking for a higher security system not only for their personal needs but also the needs of their businesses.

The Dependable Security Group (DSG) provides the latest technology in security systems. We understand the needs and requirements to ensure the best quality of security and safety, focusing on domestic, commercial and industrial areas.

Providing the latest in security and security systems to many businesses is just as important as the business itself.

Something as simple as updating your key system can help prevent things such as break-ins, theft and unauthorised entry.

So if you need a fast, reliable, and dependable locksmith, don't hesitate to contact us today. Dependable Security Group is bringing all of your Security Solutions Together.



Dependable Security Group offers high-quality locks that are perfectly designed to make your home more secure.


Dependable Security Group offers high-quality intercoms to make your home more convenient when it comes to communicating.


Dependable Security Group provides high-quality safes that are designed perfectly to protect valuables from being destroyed in a fire or other natural disaster, or stolen during a burglary.

Key Cutting

Does your key need to be cut? Dependable Security Group has an advanced key cutting machines to perfectly duplicate you keys, offering you flexibility, security and peace of mind.

Access Control

Have all round protection, complete control and peace of mind knowing your home or business is secure.

Roller Door Repairs & Servicing

Locksmiths Seven Hills Dependable Security Group offers general maintenance, preventative maintenance and repairs such as garage doors, panel lift doors and tilta doors.

Master Key Systems

Master keying works on a hierarchical based system and can restrict certain access to buildings, sites and offices for different people or staff, depending on your requirements.


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors.

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Garage door is used multiple times per day at any hour and in all seasons. To keep it operating smoothly, there are some things you can do.

Installing a Home Security System is Easier Than You Think

There are several do-it-yourself (DIY) systems on the market, and they are easier to install and more affordable than you think. No drilling or technical expertise is required!

Lost Car Keys? What to Do Now?

You can lose or misplace your car keys due to busy work and life schedules. When this happens, it’s natural to panic or become stressed out.

What are the Benefits of CCTV Systems in Schools?

Schools should be a safe place where students come and study. Keep school grounds safe with installing CCTV.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Home Security System

There are many home security systems to choose from and this needs careful consideration. The best way to come to a good decision is by answering the following questions.

How to choose the Right Security System for your Home

Most homeowners put some level of thought into how they can protect their home from a burglary.

Top Tips to Baby Proof your Home

On average, parents spend $443 to childproof their homes. Home automation and security devices enhance safety and enable homeowners to keep tabs on their children at all hours.

How to Avoid Illegal Locksmiths

In fact while trying to find a locksmith, residents may find that there are a large number of fake locksmiths in their area. Here's how to avoid it.

Keep Your Home and Vehicle Safe With Reputed Locksmith Services

Are you insecure about your home's safety due to the bad locking system of all the doors at your place? Well, you can call a reputed locksmith and get rid of this insecurity forever.

Choose a Locksmith Wisely for Iron-Clad Security

The job of a locksmith involves providing solutions for various types of locking systems, be it a building, a vehicle, or any other item that needs to be securely locked.

Why Use A Master Key System

Locks play a vital role in our lives that they keep us safe inside our homes and offices and keep out undesirables that may do harm to us. Here's why you should have a master key system.

Master Key Systems - Pros and Cons

If you are experiencing any problem for the door lock then surely it's time now to call the locksmith. A qualified locksmith will easily able to install a master key lock systems at your door.

Automotive Locksmiths and What They Can Do For You

Locksmiths are professionals when it comes to anything having to do with locks, home security, and keys. More often then not, most of the jobs that a locksmith undergoes are emergency services.

The 4 Reasons Why CCTV Is Popular Nowadays

CCTV is unarguably popular these days. Every other restaurant, mall, or shop has at least one watching in the background. Even private residences have embraced this security solution.

Is CCTV A Good Fit for Your Business?

Your business is an investment which you need to safeguard. Whether it's capital assets, goods for sale or even company information, they need to be protected. CCTV systems can help you achieve this.

CCTV Security Systems - The Best Way To Secure Your Business

Here are just a few ideas on how effective it is to have CCTV security systems in your business establishment, how it can be of use not only for security reasons but for monitoring purposes as well.

What a Locksmith Can Do for YOU?

Find out what a locksmith can do for you!

Importance of Hiring Professional Locksmiths

Those who want to provide adequate levels of protection for their garages should start with choosing only professional locksmiths.

What Kind of Services Does a Locksmith Offer?

Most Locksmiths offer a bunch of services; however, not all of them do a good job. Some of them are phony locksmiths and are not professional.

Achieving 24-Hour Security Every Day With CCTV

Safety and security is not only important for commercial and official establishments but it is also important for homes as well.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing CCTV For Your Home

Choosing the right kind of CCTV to be used in your home is a very important decision to make. You need to consider a lot of things which will determine the overall security you will have at home.

Additional Benefits of CCTV

There are more than other benefits to having CCTV installed in your premises. Find out here.

Locksmiths and Their Great Services

Have you come across a situation when you have to reach your office and you have forgotten the keys inside the car? Well, there is a solution to that.

Lost Car Keys - Find Great Locksmiths In A Jiffy

You suddenly find yourself locked out of your car because, one, you left the keys stucked in the ignition before you lock the car or, two, you misplaced the car keys and have no idea where to look.

Use These Tips To Your Advantage To Find A Quality Highest Rated Locksmith

If you are looking to work with a perspective highest rated locksmith, you ought to always ask for an insurance certificate to verify how long they've the insurance for.

CCTV Systems - Measures for Protection

Whether it is home, office, or some other location, a person always wants to feel safe and secure. It is for this reason that they continue to invent and adopt various security measures.

Added Bonuses of CCTV

Most of us hope that with CCTV we will be able to prevent any crimes from occurring on our properties and to record any that do. At the same time though you can also get many other benefits from it.

Importance Of Installing Security CCTV System

Security CCTV system is a must have for all commercial or, residential areas. It is one of the best ways of crime control in present times.

10 Tips For Choosing a Reputable Locksmith Service

Need to find a locksmith, but not sure how to find a good one? These tips will help you choose a professional and reputable locksmith service.

Immediate Response Locksmith Service

Locksmith service like police and health services need to respond immediately when called. This is what sets a quality service apart from other mediocre agencies.

Commonly Asked Locksmith Questions

As a locksmith company that values its customers and understands the importance of consumer education, Dependable Security Group has put together a small list of the most commonly asked questions.

Emergency Locksmiths Can Be Diversified

Emergency locksmiths work in several different fields. Some work exclusively with residential properties, commercial properties, cars or individuals who have unfortunately locked themselves out.

Why You Need a Professional Locksmith

Skills and expertise can make a big difference in work results. If you want your locks to be repaired correctly the first time, then it is best to ensure that a trained expert performs the job.

How to Find the Best Locksmith

This article will help you find the best locksmith in Seven Hills. And find out who topped all of the locksmiths in the area.

A Licensed Locksmith In Seven Hills Is Committed To Quality Service

Here are some pointers to find that quality-committed licensed locksmith in Seven Hills.

Nothing Like A Trustworthy, Licensed Locksmith

Looking for a trustworthy, licensed locksmith in Seven Hills? Here's what you need to find out before hiring one.

Qualities That You Need From a Licensed Locksmith

Here are some of the qualities that you are looking for from a trustworthy licensed locksmiths in Seven Hills.

CCTV Systems — The Ultimate Protection For Your Home And Business

CCTV Systems include security cameras to ensure your home or business are safe from unwanted intruders and are able to record all suspicious activity. If you feel you need protection, install a CCTV.

CCTV Kits for Your Home

CCTV camera kits are kinds of equipment that help in giving you a bird's eye view and this article discusses the important aspects you need to know before purchasing a CCTV camera kit.

CCTV Kits for Your Home — How CCTVs Work

Here's an overview of the many different types of CCTVs and how they work.

How To Find A Trustworthy Locksmith

If you are looking for a locksmith, consider looking for one that has a good reputation. Basically, how you look for a locksmith is similar to how you look for other service providers.

Is CCTV Installation a Protection Against Car Crime?

When thieves in your area start targeting vehicles and committing car crime, you want to know what you can do about it. Right? Here are some steps you can take to protect your property.

CCTV Installation - Provides Property Protection Around the Clock

Learn about the importance of CCTV installation. Discover why you need it and how it can protect you and your property.

Advantages Of Modern CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera systems are among the best devices that are used in protecting homes and business establishments from criminals. Find out the advantages of a modern CCTV over an analogue CCTV.

5 Tips on Upgrading a Home Alarm System

Putting a home alarm system together the first time is enough of a challenge for homeowners. The idea that you made a mistake & have to revamp or upgrade your old system could cause some trepidation.

Tips For Installing Your Own Home Alarm System

The needs of your family, as well as your surroundings, will determine how complex a home alarm system your residential home will require.

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Home Alarm System

With so many different alarm systems available these days, it can be a daunting task to find the right one.

What Is A Master Key System?

A master key system at its simplest form is where each lock in a locking system can be opened with only one key. Know more about master key system from this article.

Master Key And Single Key Systems

Master key and single key systems help rationalise the number of keys you have and can also provide greater security for your home, business or investment premises.

What Is Master Keying?

Learn more about Master Keying and how secure it can be used for different types of properties, including your home.

Tips to Understanding the Home Alarm System

Tips to understanding the home alarm system start with the fact that it decreases the risk of a residential break-in.

5 Helpful Home Alarm System Tips

To get the most out of your home alarm system, you might have to have some insider knowledge, so to speak.

Installing Key Safes

Key safes are the small security boxes in which large amounts of security keys can be placed. Key safes can be used for the office and home.

Choosing the Correct Padlock Keying System for You

Choosing the correct type of padlock and a suitable keying system needs careful consideration.

All About The High Security Safe: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Check out here some of the best tips before you buy a high-security safe.

Using a Security Camera to Keep Your Home Safe

When it comes to using a security camera to keep your home safe you should consider protecting both the inside and outside of your home.

7 Tips To Hire A Reliable Locksmith

Locks secure our houses, vehicles and other important stuff. At times, your lock may get stuck. In this situation, you need a locksmith to get you out of trouble.

Security Tips From A Locksmith

Locksmiths know how important home security is. They would like you to take as many precautions as you can so you can beat the burglar.

Emergency Locksmith Tips: How to Fix a Door That Sticks

To prevent unwanted accidents whether at home or in your business - you need to take care to immediately remedy a door that sticks.

Locksmith Tips About Home Security

Attempting to pick your lock or take apart your security system on your own is not suggested. Tampering such job on your own could create more damage and become more costly the end.

3 Reasons You Should Consider a Wireless Intercom System

Wireless home intercom systems are becoming much more popular in the homes of regular people, and there are plenty of reasons for it.

Home Intercom Systems Installation

Home intercom systems are used as a private communication home network in a small building or a group of small buildings.

Advantages of having a Built-In Intercom System

Here are some of the advantages of having a Built-In Intercom System.

5 Major Benefits Of Intercom Systems

The rapid development of technology in the communication sector has led to a lot of inventions which have made communication easier. Here are some benefits of using intercom systems.

The Reason Why Everyone Uses Intercom Systems

There are many methods of communication nowadays, and one of them is intercoms. Intercom systems are growing hugely in popularity, and are being used more widely in a range of different situations.

Advanced Intercom Systems

Check out here some of the best advanced intercom systems that can benefit your security at home.

Types Of Intercom Systems To Secure Your Apartment

This article gives you a lowdown on the different types, their features and installation requirements.

Things To Consider When Buying An Intercom

An intercom is an electronic communication system that is commonly found in hospitals, schools, offices and other large buildings, in ships and liners, and even in homes.

The Various Uses of an Intercom

One of the number one uses for intercoms is in access control. Most complexes & business will utilise intercoms if their access gate is too far away for them to be able to see who is trying to get in.

Picking The Perfect Intercom System

Nowadays, you are likely to discover home intercom systems in many residences around your neighbourhood.

The Necessary Home and Business Security System Plan

Installation of a home and business security system is no more a choice but a requirement in order that safety and peace of mind are ensured.

Business Security Camera Tips For Small Business Use

Seriously speaking, security is the key concern for businesses of all sizes, especially for those small businesses.

5 Ways To Know You Have A Great Locksmith

If you ever end up in a situation where you require the services of a locksmith and not know whom to call, you are going to desperately wish that you had someone you could trust.

Should You Monitor Your Alarm System?

Your alarm system can be a local type of alarm or it can be connected so that it will communicate with a Central Station where the authorities can be notified.

Should You Install Home Alarm Systems Yourself?

Those who want to install home alarm systems themselves could save some money. There are a number of options for choices in home alarm.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy a DIY Home Alarm System

Everyone wants to save a few dollars these days and retailers are catering to the post-economic crash consumer with various deals, incentives, and product solutions to save them money.

Hard-Wired or Wireless Alarm System

Hard-wired alarms were the standard in the alarm business for a very long time. Wireless systems are the new kids on the block.

Wired Home Alarm VS Wireless Home Alarm Systems

In the "old" days all security systems were hard-wired systems. This means that all of the alarm devices were physically connected by wire.

5 Valuable Tips to Selecting Security Cameras

When selecting the best security camera system possible for your home or business it is important to select the right cameras that fit the unique needs of your situation.

Difference of Locksmith to Handyman in Securing your Home

Whether you own the property or simply rent it, you naturally want your belongings protected. Of course, home protection goes beyond personal belongings, it also means securing your family's safety.

Tips to Prevent Locksmith Scams

Car owners and homeowners are the most vulnerable and the easy target for locksmith scams. To avoid hiring a scammer, consider the following tips before entrusting your property to a locksmith.

Benefits of Home Security to your Community

It is much safer if there are more home security systems in the neighbourhood because there are more cameras to watch the homes and more home alarms to alert the proper authorities of any crimes.

Security Devices Which can Actually Help You

Most thieves force a window or a door. Thieves often break into a garage to break into your house. So securing these common entry points on your house and garage or shed is a good preventive measure.

Important Tips to Improve Business Security

Considering the present scenario, business security has turned up as an important area of concern. Some of the important tips to improve business security are mentioned below, have a look.

Ways to Secure Your Home

Check out some of the best ways on how to secure your home.

Tips for Emergency Locksmith Situations

Here are some tips that might help you for emergency locksmith situations.

Key Safes: A Cheap Home Security Device

Check out some of the facts of key safes and how it can benefit your home security.

Business Security: Some Effective Tips to Follow

Business security holds immense significance in today's time. It is as important as home security & therefore you need to take some proper steps in order to secure your office in the best possible way

Business Security Tips

Did you know that a home business has more security risks? Here are some of the best business security tips that can help you.

5 Home Security Tips for Homeowners

Here are some of the best home security tips that can help you make your home more secure.

Reasons You Need a Home Security System

Too many people don't consider home security until after they've been victimised by a burglary or other calamity in their home.

The Benefits of an Auto Locksmith

The tools used generally consists of all the needed software and equipment that matches your keys with the immobiliser as well as the latest key cutting machinery in order to cut blank keys.

How To Find a Local Locksmith

Knowing that a security device is properly functioning in the home, office or business environment grants a sense of reassurance and serenity.

An Expert Locksmith to Secure Your Car

Cars have become an essential part of our daily lives. You invest huge amount on buying the best car in terms of luxury and comfort. There's no point in owning a car if you can't keep it safe.

Key Qualities Provided By Auto Locksmiths

Here are some of the key qualities to expect of the reputable locksmith.

Safety Tips for Car Key Replacement

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having lost the vehicle keys you'll likely find that the cost to buy replacing keys on the newer vehicle models can be quite expensive.

How to Choose a Reputable Locksmith Company

Check out some of the tips on how to choose a reliable locksmith company.

Qualities of a Good Locksmith

Without a doubt, locksmiths play an important role that no one should belittle. While locksmiths have that special role for our varied needs when it comes to locks, their skills and specialisations.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Locksmith

When choosing a locksmith, it helps tremendously if you know what to look out for. It is important that any locksmith you choose will carry out any works to the expected standards and beyond.

5 FAQs on Home Security and High Security Doors for Home

High-security doors for your home are a great investment since they can prevent break-ins and help keep your family safe.

Introduction To Suitable Home Security

Every individual, family and community need adequate security in order to live in peace and comfort as required. Business & life will thrive & communities will prosper when there is adequate security.

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Installing a home security system can be costly, but not installing one could cost you even more. Below we will take a look at the top ten reasons to install a home security system.

Home Security System Benefits

There are many advantages to owning a home security system. They help keep your family safe, let you focus on the more important aspects of life, and give you peace of mind.

Buying a Home Security System FAQ's

Here are some FAQs on buying a Home Security System.

DIY Home Security Systems

A home security system is an essential feature to have to protect your property. No matter if you own a home or rent an apartment it is essential to protect your property to the best of ability.

Home Security Systems: More Than Just Having An Alarm In Place

It is understandable that you want to protect both your valuables and the security of your loved ones.

Homeowners Who Install the Best Home Security Systems May Experience Improved Safety and Security

Residential and office security alarm system companies recognise that your property is probably your most important asset and that the safety of your loved ones and property is your primary concern.

Multiple Home Security System Options

Should you be looking to be able to protect your domicile while you are not home and you planned setting up a home security system, you are on the right track.

Using Home Security Sensors to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Getting a home security system is not something to put off for the future, to jot down on that list along with getting fit and picking out a great outfit for your cousin's wedding.

The Benefits of a Professionally Installed Home Security System

Home security systems have gotten more complex and intricate in the past few years as technology has improved and wireless systems have become the norm.

Silca TRIAX Pro

This is our New baby, have a look at the video clip below. Silca Triax Pro, we can help you more by providing the best keying systems there is.

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