Foot Care Tips: How to Keep Foot Problems at Bay

Foot Care Tips: How to Keep Foot Problems at Bay

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Save for the occasional pedicure, people rarely provide their feet with much-deserved TLC. As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind". However, if you have experienced pain in your feet, you'll understand how difficult it is to move around and perform the simplest of tasks at home or at work. Left unchecked, problems related to the feet can lead to bigger woes — particularly those related to the knees, hips and back.

In order to keep these problems at bay, here are some helpful tips that will help you take better care of your feet and therefore avoid various foot problems.

Make washing your feet regularly a habit.
Before turning in for bed, be sure to wash your feet. This will allow you to remove the dirt that has accumulated on your feet during the day and keep it from causing irritation and infection. Soap and water are all you need for this.

Dry your feet thoroughly.
After washing your feet, make sure to dry them well, especially in between the toes, which are prone to athlete's foot.

Remove hard skin.
Use either a pumice stone or foot file to get rid of hard skin on your feet. The best time to do this is after taking a bath.

Learn how to cut toenails properly.
Ingrown toenails can cause terrible pain. The best way to prevent this is to trim your nails straight across. Don't trim your toenails at an angle.

Find out the best time for shoe shopping.
If you need new shoes, the best time to go shopping is later in the day. During afternoons, the feet swell to their largest size. By buying shoes during the afternoon, you can find a pair that's comfortable.

Don't wear high-heeled shoes all the time.
Although high heels look good, they can lead to foot pain and other problems. If you like wearing high heels for the office, wear a different pair while travelling and just put on your high heels when you get to the office.

Change socks regularly.
changing socks regularly (ideally daily) will keep bad odour at bay.

Wear flip-flops in public areas.
If you're going to spend time in public areas like the pool, gym, shower or bathroom, wear a pair of flip-flops. These can help you avoid getting athlete's foot or verrucas. Do take note, however, that wearing flip-flops for an extended amount of time can hurt your feet as these don't provide ample support.

Take good care of your feet — and your whole body — with the help of the top health and beauty hubs in Australia today.


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