Nail Care Secret: 10 Tips for Trimming Your Own Nails

Nail Care Secret: 10 Tips for Trimming Your Own Nails

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Trimming is the best care you can give your nails. Here are some tips for trimming nails that you might not know about.

Wash your hands and feet.
Soak your nails for a few minutes to make them easier to trim. Dry your hands and feet after washing. If you have just finished taking a bath, you don’t need to do this.

Choose your cutting tool.
Nail clippers are cheap, simple and widely available. They cut your nails along a set concave edge, which can be very convenient if the clippers fit your nails. You may need more finesse when using manicure scissors. However, you also have more control over the arc of the cut.

Make sure your cutting tools are clean.
As much as possible, buy your own set of nail cutting tools, and keep separate sets for your fingernails and toenails. Use dish detergent or antibacterial soap to wash them. Soak the tools for 10 minutes in a bowl of hot, soapy water. You may also rinse them in rubbing alcohol, even if you’re the only one who uses them.

Be mindful of where you trim your nails.
Consider trimming your nails into a trashcan or a compost bin. Hold your fingers and toes directly over the receptacle, and track down the clipped cuticles that fly astray. Don’t trim your nails in public spaces and near people that are talking.

Trim your nails often.
If you trim your nails once a week or in two weeks, you won't need to worry about them growing too long. If your nails begin to hurt at the edges, you might be developing an ingrown nail. Try to trim the ingrown before it goes too deep, but it’s wiser to seek a health care professional.

Cut your nails straight.
This will reduce your chance of developing ingrown nails. The goal here is to remove the cuticles. Cut the nails almost completely straight across, and round them a little at the corners to keep the nails strong.

Make small cuts.
Don’t try to snip away the entire cuticle with a single cut. If you trim too deeply, you will expose the sensitive skin beneath the nail, and increase your risk of infection. Try to keep the ends of your nails even with the top of your finger – or remove all but a tiny sliver of the cuticle.

Sit when trimming toenails.
Sit on a chair or the floor and bend your knee so that you can reach your foot.

Use lotion on cuticles.
When cuticle gets dried out, it can let germs in.

File your nails.
Trimming your nails can leave jagged edges, but it’s easy to file them uniform. Use a nail file, a pumice stone or any other hard, textured surface. Always file gently, in one long stroke, from the side to the centre of the nail. Wait for your nails to dry before filing.

Always keep your nails neat and consider seeking help from the nail care experts in Australia.


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