Family Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Family Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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The family room is often a traffic way from one room to another. If this is the case in your home, create a deliberate walkway. It’s much easier to focus on cleaning a specific part of the room.

Be aware of the room’s breezeways. In summer, arrange the room so that cool air can flow through. In winter, however, you’re aiming to retain heat so rearrange the room accordingly. Deal with stains as quickly as possible. If you spill something on the carpet, work out what the stain is made of then use the appropriate solution.

Entertainment Systems
Clean TV screens, plasma and LCD screens and the exterior of most entertainment systems with 1 part methylated spirits to 4 parts water applied with lint-free cloth, such as an old t-shirt. Proprietary brand equipment cleaners which are anti-static are also available. Just make sure you don’t use detergent because it will leave smear marks on these surfaces. To keep insects away, wipe the back of all electrics with a cloth sprayed with surface insecticide spray.

Clean remote controls with a damp cloth. If gunk has accumulated between buttons, clean between them with a cotton bud.

Many books are susceptible to UV rays so try to keep them in a shaded area. To prevent damp in your books, keep silicone crystals nearby. One bag per shelf can be enough. Doing this will also cut down on cleaning because damp books collect more dust than dry books. If possible, have a shelf over the top of books to collect dust. Vacuum once a week.

Air Conditioners
Make sure that the air intake in air conditioners is clean. Remove and clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Some need to be flushed with water and dried in the sunshine. Others just need to have the dust removed from them.

When you wipe the air conditioner, add lavender oil to the cloth to scent the room and deter insects. Change its pipes once a year.

If you don’t clean fan blades regularly, they’ll accumulate an absorbent felt as dust that will go furry. Clean them with either a feather or fabric duster. If your fan is in a sealed unit, unscrew the cover and dust the fan blades. It will work more efficiently and won’t spread dust.

Heaters are more efficient if they’re dust-free, clean and shiny. Clean and polish reflector plates at the back of the heater with bicarb and vinegar. This will also get rid of rust. Wipe the heating filaments with methylated spirits, but don’t turn the heater on until it’s dried out completely because methylated spirits is highly flammable.

If you have a gas or kerosene heater, place a saucepan of water beside the heater to absorb the fumes. Add slice of onion to the water with a kerosene heater.

- Plastic keys: Use glycerine.
- Ivory keys: Apply sweet almond oil, or rub alcohol on it then sweet almond oil. If the keys are really dirty, use a small quantity of toothpaste mixed with water and apply carefully with a cotton bud, then polish off with a cloth. Apply a small quantity of sweet almond oil to protect the ivory from cracking.
- Ivorite keys: Apply methylated spirits on a cloth.

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