Carpet Cleaning: Tips on Removing Stains

Carpet Cleaning: Tips on Removing Stains

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Rugs and carpets in the main area of the home tend to get a lot of wear. Maintain them on a regular basis to ensure that they feel soft under foot, add warmth to a room, look good and last a long time. Here are some cleaning tips that you should follow.

Removing stains
The occasional accident is unavoidable, but prompt action will help prevent a permanent mark.
- Soak up rug spills immediately with clean, dry cloths. Weigh them down and leave them for several hours treating the stain. When removing stains, work from the edge towards the centre.
- Soften dried stains with glycerin to help loosen them before further treatment.
- Treat coffee stains immediately by dabbing the soiled spots with a solution of 25ml vinegar and 60ml water, or a solution of mild detergent. Coffee stains should always be treated as quickly as possible.
- Use cold mineral water on bloodstains, blotting with a clean towel as you go.
- Remove a minor burn spot that hasn’t destroyed the pile of a carpet or rug with an onion-based mix. Boil up 1 cup (250ml) vinegar, 50g talcum powder and two coarsely chopped onions. Allow to cool, then apply to the spot and leave to dry. Once dry, brush off the residue and rub the fibres gently until the burned bits disappear.
- To repair burn holes, use a razor blade to cut some fibres from a section of the carpet that’s hidden. Put some all-purpose glue into the burn hole and arrange the fibres in it. Weigh down until the glue dries.
- Treat grass stains with a solution of 1 cup (250ml) water with 12ml ammonia, then dap with tap water.
- Soak up grease or oil stains by sprinkling them with plain flour or cornflour. Let it sit for an hour, brush off and remove the residue with tap water.
- Blot up wine stains with paper towels and then treat them with a solution made from quarter of 1 teaspoon mild detergent and 1-litre water. Blot up any excess liquid.
- Never put salt on fresh red wine spills because it will set the stain and could leave an indelible blue mark on the pile. Also, it will cause the carpet to remain damp.
- Remove hardened chocolate with a knife, and then dab away the residue with cold water, followed by warm water.
- Horrified to find a big wad of chewing gum stuck to the rug? Don’t worry. Place a plastic bag filled with ice cubes over it. This will make the chewing gum brittle and it can then be chipped away with a spatula or spoon.

PLUS: Removing furniture impressions
1. Move the item of furniture to one side so you can reach the impression.
2. Place an ice cube on the compressed fibres to make them swell up and then vacuum to make the pile stand up again.

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