What You Should Know Before Hiring a Private Investigator

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Private Investigator


There are so many reasons why people hire private investigators. Usually, the reasons are finding information that is not easily obtained, finding a missing person, performing background searches, wanting to place someone under surveillance to eliminate or prove suspicions, and checking a company or person’s credibility.

However, like many service-based industries, there are some things you should know about private investigation beforehand. These are:

Private Investigators work on a retainer

Similar to an attorney or legal professional, private investigators typically work on a retainer. They will quote you an estimate that becomes the retainer amount. Keep in mind that retainers are non-refundable, so any amount left will not be refunded back after the service you hired them for is complete. However, that amount can be applied towards further services.

Payment is up front

Just like you wouldn’t walk out of the store without paying for your groceries, private investigators are not going to perform a service without upfront payment. This is for two reasons: 1. It establishes a business transaction between you and the investigator and 2., what may seem like “a simple search” or service, actually requires hours of work, research, and fees for using the resources and databases accessible to a private investigator. (After all, you wouldn’t consider hiring a P.I. if the job was easy enough to do yourself!)

You will need to sign a contract

Any legitimate private investigators that provide services that require a retainer will draw up a contract for you to sign. A typical contract outlines the services requested by the client, the retaining cost, and a signed statement from you verifying that you are not using the information gathered by the private investigator for malicious or criminal intent.

If you’re in a predicament which requires help from a private investigator, then you need to call Territory Investigations. Not only for individuals, Territory Investigations also offers its services to business entities, government, and lawyers. If you require our service, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Source: Radius Investigations, Haywood Hunt


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