The Benefits of Covered Walkways for Businesses

The Benefits of Covered Walkways for Businesses


Often when you work for larger organisations, they have many buildings on the same business park or industrial estate that mean that you have to move between them by venturing outside, this means, that employees or visitors are left exposed to all that the elements can through at them, and more. One of the best solutions to this problem is covered walkways, which can be bought in an incredible variety of styles, lengths, colours, and complex designs, all of which can be tailored to suit any environment.

An example of which would be working for a legal firm that have a building nearby used solely as a record repository. Travelling from one building to the other to examine old case notes or using them to store the file boxes that are just too numerous to have in the office. Moving back and forth between the buildings in all weathers could present quite the problem, not just for the staff that are left to constantly dress for the current weather, but also for the files that are either being returned or retrieved, exposed to rain, snow, wind, hail, dust and sunlight they are easily damaged.

Other examples of use are along pedestrian routes, from car parks to stores or conferencing facilities, they are also used in many schools around the country providing students with protection whilst on break times or simply moving from one department to another for their next classes.

Covered walkways could resolve all of these issues within a single solution, providing protection from all that the outside can throw at them, protecting your staff, your property and the property of your clients. Connecting buildings together, covered walkways offer protection from the elements such as rain, dust, and UV sunlight, and they can make excellent windbreakers.

Covered walkways may be constructed with a fantastic selection of styles and colours. Offering so many benefits' they are often considered the best possible solution for the modern expanding workplace. Along with, durable construction, ease of maintenance and of course the selection of styles they give a superb cost effective solution to protecting your workforce from the rigours of moving from one office to another.

Designing the walkways could not be simpler and many companies offer a free site survey to determine whether a covered walkway would be the best solution for you.

One such company is they offer free surveys, and all of their walkways are constructed from high-grade aluminium, powder coated in any colour you could possibly desire ensuring that even your walkways are sporting your corporate colours, further promoting your branding.

Along with this elegant solution, many different covering options can be provided to suit every location: ranging from toughened safety glass and vandal resistant steel sheeting, to UV stable polycarbonate.


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