Electrical Outdoor Safety Tips For You

Electrical Outdoor Safety Tips For You


Electricity is an integral part of our lives, which many of us today in Brisbane could not imagine living without. Powering our appliances and providing our lighting, heating and cooling, electricity is so entrenched in our daily lives. It’s easy to forget that if used incorrectly, it has the potential to injure or kill. Electricity can be a threat outside the home as well as indoors and care should be taken here as well. So, here are some electrical outdoor safety tips for you!

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Power Lines Outdoor Safety Tips

Overhead power lines carry immense voltages, so particular care needs to be taken around them. Safety tips around power lines include the following:

• Before raising a ladder, putting up a boat mast or installing an antenna, look up and ensure there are no overhead power lines in the vicinity.
• Have trees professionally trimmed near power lines and preferably plant low-growing vegetation in such locations.
• Make sure your children know not to fly kites or climb trees near overhead power lines.
• If you are on your roof for any reason, stay away from the power lines connecting your home to the grid.

Only Buy From Manufacturers You Can Trust

To help you stay safe in the garden always make sure that all garden equipment is bought from trustworthy and well-known manufacturers. If you’re going to be using trimmers, make sure you’re wearing goggles and gloves. Never attempt to cut the grass when it’s wet, or at least don’t use any appliances which require electricity. Make sure you’re always wearing shoes and not sandals so your feet are covered, keep children well away from any appliances and unplug the lawnmower once you’re no longer using it.

Check Your Extension Lead And Electrical Plugs

If they are damaged or frayed, don’t risk it. If the item is low cost, replace it. If it is high value, call an experienced electrician in Brisbane like Allyn White Electrical to repair the cord or plug for you.

Electrical Safety Outdoor Tips In Wet Conditions

Warning: Do not use electrical equipment when it is raining or in areas that are being watered/under the splashing of water.

The risk of serious injury and even death from electric shock, are far higher in wet conditions than in dry. Ground conditions may also be slippery in the wet, which increases the risk of an accident. Electrical equipment may also suffer damage in wet conditions.

Reduce the risk of an accident by using garden electrical equipment in dry conditions.

Hire a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane

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