Do’s and Don’ts When The Power Goes Out at Home

Do’s and Don’ts When The Power Goes Out at Home


Nothing is more inconvenient than a power outage, especially during the summer months. Imagine no Wi-Fi, a hot and stuffy house without air conditioning, and food spoiling inside the freezer – no thanks!. Power outages can last a day or only a few minutes.

However, regardless of how long it lasts, there are certain things you must do as well as things you must never do in order to stay safe during a blackout.

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Power Outage

A power outage does not happen for no reason – most unscheduled power outages can be attributed to a couple of recurring issues.

Local Weather

Storms, strong winds, and lightning can frequently knock over power lines or damage infrastructure, knocking out power not only to your home but to entire neighbourhoods.

If the power outage affects multiple homes – you must delegate the task to your utility company.

Electrical Failure

Sometimes the weather has nothing to do with it – in some cases, faulty electrical fixtures may frequently cause electrical failure, such as issues with Transformers, switches, and connectors, as well as cables.

Electrical equipment, like the wiring and circuitry in your home, can cause a power outage if not properly maintained. However, because this is happening outside of your home, there isn't much you can do.

Failure of an Appliance

Not all blackouts are caused by outside forces; sometimes it is a problem with your own home!. A faulty appliance or a problem with the wiring can also cause a blackout. These issues may cause power surges, which can be harmful and dangerous.

To prevent this, your electrical system has safety features that automatically cut off the flow of power, protecting your home and everyone who lives in it.

Unfortunately, blackouts are a frequent side effect. One-time outages aren't a big deal; however, if you have a history of blackouts that are entirely localized to your home, you should hire an electrician to look into it.

Dos and Don'ts: What Should You Do If Your Home's Power Goes Out.

When the power goes out at home, here are some things you should and shouldn't do.

Do: Gather emergency supplies.

Don't worry, we're not talking about buying a generator or burying a year's worth of canned beans in the backyard. We're talking about simple things you can do to prepare, such as:

Ensure that you have a torch and spare batteries on hand as well as portable batteries and power banks for your devices. These are minor details, but they can help you get through a lengthy blackout!.

Do: use caution when using candles.

When the power goes out, lighting candles may be the simplest and most traditional solution. There's nothing wrong with going old school, as long as you do it safely. Make sure you setting those candles away from pamphlets and loose papers, table linens, boxes of tissues, and anything that could easily catch fire

It's also a good idea to use candle holders rather than simply laying them on the table, as this provides more stability.

Do: Secure your computers and electronic devices.

While uncommon, these appliances are particularly vulnerable to damage following an electrical outage.

When the power goes out, especially if you work from home, unplug all of your sensitive appliances, particularly computers and gadgets, as well as any electronic equipment such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Don't: Assume that everyone's electricity is out.

Many people believe that blackouts must affect the entire street and, as a result, put off taking the first steps toward identifying the problem and finding a solution.

The first thing you should do is try to determine who else is experiencing a power outage – and if the case is isolated, all bets are off that it is a problem within your own home!

Don’t: Leave plugged-in appliances unattended.

When the power goes out, it is best not to leave any appliances plugged in; instead, try to turn everything off, especially small appliances and devices, as these often lack inbuilt surge protection.

This will protect your appliances from a sudden power surge, preventing you from having to replace them as well.

Don't: Open the refrigerator.

The great thing about refrigerators is that they are fully insulated; even if the power goes out, all of the colds will remain inside, keeping your food fresher for longer than you might think.

That is, assuming you don't open it up unnecessarily!. Keep your fringe closed if you want to reduce the possibility of food spoiling.

Do: Contact an emergency electrician.

When there is a power outage or blackout, the best thing to do is call an emergency electrician near you. This is especially important if the blackout is caused by an electrical problem in your homes, such as a faulty safety switch, a faulty device, or a short circuit.

Whatever the cause of a power outage in your home, an electrician can assist you in maximizing safety and repairing any hidden electrical problems that could unknowingly worsen.

A professional electrician can identify the sources of these issues and, more importantly, fix them for you, preventing you from experiencing further blackouts.

Hire a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane

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When there’s an electrical emergency in your Brisbane or Bardon home, you shouldn’t try to tackle it on your own. While it’s important to watch for signs of electrical emergencies, you need to call a professional if you suspect you’ve got a serious problem.

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