Commercial Shed and Residential Storage Sheds: What is the Difference?

Commercial Shed and Residential Storage Sheds: What is the Difference?


When you think of storage sheds, the first thing that comes to mind is probably backyard storage sheds that people use on residential properties but these are actually not the only type of storage sheds out there. These are a very popular type that is used for storing things a family needs, seasonal items or maybe things they use in the yard or for lawn care.

Sometimes they are also used as overflow storage for crafts, kids' toys, collectables and other items. These are considered residential storage sheds and they are different from commercial sheds although commercial sheds have probably been around longer.

Commercial sheds are typically much larger and they are often used to store things the business will need for their company. They might store things like windows, ladders, building supplies, lumber, doors and more. A commercial storage shed is a great place to put these types of materials so they do not get ruined by weather, stolen, etc.

Then there are some businesses that will store all of their equipment in a commercial storage shed. This means I might have tractors, diggers, backhoes, bulldozers and other machinery or it could have landscaping equipment or even backup computers and electronics or related parts.

Commercial sheds are what residential sheds were modeled after. Since big companies and businesses used these sheds to help store their items and surplus, someone got the idea that the same thing could be done at home but on a smaller scale. This is really how residential storage sheds came to be although they have grown and expanded a lot over the years.

While commercial storage sheds won't work for the average residential user, it's good to know the differences in the two and also to understand the history of the commercial shed and how it came to be as well as how it has influenced residential sheds as we know them today.


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