Building an Industrial Shed? Check your Quotations Carefully

Building an Industrial Shed? Check your Quotations Carefully


Any savvy industrialist knows that they shouldn’t appoint a contractor until they get a written quote. After all, a verbal agreement is only worth the paper it isn’t written on, but even when you get written quotes, it’s wise to check the items listed – and the fine-print – to make sure that you don’t end up with a surprise when the bill arrives.

The cheapest quote isn’t always the best quote

The problem: Even if the bill matches the quote perfectly, you can end up paying more than you expected for your structure. If your contractor is using the cheapest materials, your shed simply won’t last as long as it should. You end up paying more in maintenance and replacement materials.

The solution: Find out more about the materials your contractor is using. When we go through a quote with a client, we’re always ready to explain why we use this or that material. ‘It’s cheaper’ is only a good reason when the material chosen is tough and durable enough for local conditions.

For example: The thickness of galvanising affects price, but cutting corners by choosing the thinnest galvanising isn’t going to save you money in the long term, especially if you live in an area where corrosion is a big risk.

Check on guarantees

The problem: If you experience problems with your shed after you’ve paid the bill, you could end up without a leg to stand on – and costly repairs could leave you without a feather to fly with!

The solution: Ensure that you’re dealing with an established company that can’t just disappear overnight, and see if they’re willing to back up the quality of their structure with some kind of guarantee. For example, we’re willing to back up our structural frames with a 25-year guarantee. Why? Because we know that the chances of you having problems are practically zero. Other contractors may not be as confident in their quality.

Check your quote for grey areas

The problem: Not everyone is willing to pin themselves down to a fixed price. Some contractors will include a quote clause that allows for a certain percentage of variance, and others may not even want to go that far.

Some contractors only list materials and labour in their quotes – but what if they need to hire earth moving equipment or a crane? What if the construction crew needs accommodation during construction? All of these things can add up quickly. The result? When you sign off your quote, you actually have no idea of what price you’re letting yourself in for.

The solution: Check that you are getting an all-inclusive quote for the whole project and that it includes any necessary extras that may be involved in the construction process. No matter what anyone may tell you, it’s possible to provide you with a final price for a shed and its construction. For example, all our quotes include absolutely every cost you’ll have to cover in order to get your shed.

Approval and certification

The problem: Anyone can knock together a shed – but will it be in line with building codes? You will need council approval, and if you break the rules, it’s ‘goodbye shed’ – lock stock and smoking gun!

The solution: Ensure that you can get proper plans from your contractor and that certifications will be in place. Better yet, ask us to help with your Council approval application. It won’t cost you a cent.

The bottom line

Quality and reliability are worth paying for. Check your quote carefully and ask questions before reaching a decision. You want your shed to last for the long-haul, and you don’t want any costly surprises when it’s time to pay your bill – or afterwards!

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