Amazing Benefits of Portable Aircraft Hangar

Amazing Benefits of Portable Aircraft Hangar


Once you begin shopping for a portable aircraft hangar, you will notice that they can be quite costly. However, when you choose a clear span building to house your aircraft, you know that you are getting your money's worth.

As an aircraft owner, you know that there are specific requirements to keeping your plane in tip-top shape. This includes regular maintenance and proper storage. You can order your portable aircraft hangar in heights up to fifty feet and up to one hundred sixty feet wide, providing the right amount of space to suit your needs.

In most cases, the structure that you need will be shipped directly from stock to your site and installed within days after you place your order. Various door options are available, making this clear span structure an ideal portable aircraft hangar for both temporary as well as permanent applications. These structurally sound buildings are not only easy to relocate, but they are also rather cost efficient.

Yet, the list of benefits to a portable aircraft hangar has only just begun. Take a moment to learn about even more reasons that these buildings are the right choice for all your aircraft housing needs.

One of the greatest benefits to this type of structure is that no foundation is required. Various anchoring methods are available depending on the surface type at your site. A portable aircraft hangar can be installed on gravel, dirt, concrete or asphalt. Just be sure to mention the type of surface on which you plan to install the building when placing your order.

Since these airplane hangars do not require a foundation, they do not require a permit. Thus, your installation time and cost is greatly reduced, which is just one more benefit of choosing fabric structures for your aircraft hangar.

Speed of installation is another major benefit to this type of portable aircraft hangar. These buildings can be ready to park your plane faster than any other building type currently available on the market. The smaller structures can be built in as little as a few hours to just a couple of days, requiring only a minimal crew of two to three workers using nothing more than a couple of ladders and a few hand tools.

Generally, a four- or five-man crew is all it takes to erect a portable aircraft structure at a rate of around two thousand square feet a day. These buildings are so lightweight and easy to assemble that they make perfect instant workshops in even the most remote locations.

A portable aircraft hangar can be disassembled in about half the time that it takes for installation. This means that they are more portable than any other structure you will find. Once your project is complete, all you have to do is simply move your aircraft hangar to your new location and it is ready for use.

The list of benefits of a portable aircraft hangar seems to go on and on, including the natural light that they provide and their long-lasting durability. Whether you need a hangar to house your aircraft for a few days, several months or even a couple of decades, you can count on these structures to provide the cover that you need.


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