3 Best Plan Options for Excellent Workshop Shed Building

3 Best Plan Options for Excellent Workshop Shed Building


Building a workshop for woodworking, gardening or other projects is rewarding. There are basically three options available to create plans for a workshop. Whether you are building a workshop or simply want to build a new workbench for your existing workshop, this overview will help you decide the best plan option for your workshop building success.

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1. Drawing your own plans allows the most design freedom because you can create a plan specifically for your needs. If you have a very specific idea or unusual location considerations sometimes this is the only option. If you are drawing your own plans here are some things to consider: Make sure that the plans are very detailed. If you do not have a lot of experience drawing blueprints or plans, it pays to get your hands on a good set of plans and copy the way they are drawn and the elements they include. Unless you are an experienced carpenter a vague drawing is not enough and ultimately will cause you problems and when you have problems in building that usually means more money.

2. Purchasing professional plans for a workshop can be a great way to get a plan that suits your needs without the extra time of drawing them yourself. A good set of plans will be very detailed, easy to read, have a detailed materials and hardware list, include cross sections, illustrations, pictures, and front side and elevation views.

If your plan you are considering purchasing doesn't include these elements, you might want to keep searching. The plan is your step-by-step building buddy. Think of it as an experienced carpenter that has all ready thought of everything that needs to go into your workshop and the order in which it needs to happen. If when you read your plan, it should feel like a helpful guide. That is when you know you have the right workshop plan.

3. Free plans: There are some good free workshop plans on the internet that you can download. A simple search for free plans will take you to hundreds of sites. If you want to go this route, do your homework. Know what you need and want in your plans and make sure that the free plan meets all of your specifications.

If a free set of plans is going to be of value to you, it should include all the same elements that are included in a professional set of plans. Remember it is your road map, and it can get very expensive to get lost when you are building a shed. Balance the free cost of the plan, with the cost of time and money saved by using accurate plans.

4. Bonus: An excellent workbench plan for workshop fun!
Once you have created a space for your workshop, whether it be a new shed or renovating an old one, it is important to consider your working surfaces, most importantly your workbench.

One of the key elements of a workshop is a workbench. Many people who first get interested in woodworking, think it is all about the tools and begin collecting every tool they think they will need to work on projects. Tools are important but they aren't the only thing-

Essential to an effective workshop is a strong and sturdy workbench. If you are using a kind of makeshift workbench now, made from sawhorses and plywood, or if your shop table wobbles and shifts on the floor, you can make your work much more enjoyable by investing in a solid workbench.

It is difficult to be a productive woodworker if you don't have a good workbench, however most workbench plans are very complicated to build and require a full workshop to build them. However there are a number of free workbench plans that are simple and easy to build.

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