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Restaurants - Fitzroy, VIC

Located on Brunswick Street in Melbourne, Young Green Food offer Pan-asian vegetarian, vegan and raw foods served in a warm, homely and friendly environment.

Welcome to Yong Green Food!

Yong Green Food in Fitzroy is a stunning multi-award winning vegan and vegetarian restaurant that has been captivating locals for over ten years. Located on Brunswick Street in Melbourne, Yong Green Food specializes in contemporary pan-Asian cuisine that doesn’t just taste amazing, but is good for you and looks great doing it. The decor is simple and charming and helps set a relaxed atmosphere. A great place for people who want to eat while relieving stress.

Our menu includes:

- Thai Green Curry

- Japanese Curry

- Kimchi Dragon Bowl

- Tofu Delight

- Korean Pancake Platter

- Chillibean Nachos

- and many more

If you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends or share an intimate meal for two with a special someone and want to experience the best that vegan, vegetarian and raw food has to offer, Yong Green Food is the right place you're looking for. Come and enjoy the taste!






Fresh Juice - Beer - Smoothies - Biodynamic Wine

Fresh Juice - Beer - Smoothies - Biodynamic Wine

Cocktails - Desserts - Speciality Latte - Hot Drinks

Cocktails - Desserts - Speciality Latte - Hot Drinks

Shared Dishes - Burgers - Noodles

Shared Dishes - Burgers - Noodles

Menu Highlights

Menu Highlights
Korean Style Phoo Noodle - Yong Green Food

Korean Style Phoo Noodle - Yong Green Food

Our warm Korean Style Phoo Noodle isn't only sustainable but also healthy and yummy.

Valid Until 31 Mar, 2023

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