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Online Shop - Waitara, NSW

Wild Cactus is an Australian online shopping platform specialised in linen clothing, skincare, home essentials, and jewellery. We are revolutionising the experience of online shopping in Australia.

About Us

Wild Cactus is a young Australian online fashion store based in Waitara, Sydney. We stock a curated collection of clothes, jewellery, skincare, and many more. We thrive to be the best online fashion store in Australia by providing you with the newest way of shopping.

Our products ranging from:

• Linen Clothes

• Jewellery

• Skincare

• Home Essentials

• Shoes

• Wedding Dress

We truly believe that Australians are deserved a new way of shopping. Now you can try on, touch, feel, check the item before you pay for it. You don't need to send the unwanted item back via Post, you just return it to delivery men. You don't need to go to the shopping centre, we will come to you!

It is now simple! Choose items, Try them on at your place, Buy liked items at Wild Cactus Waitara!

How it works

• We deliver an order to your door

• Next day delivery option available

• You would have 15-20 min to try on clothes and make your decision

• You pay just for items you liked, plus a $15 delivery fee.

• Return items you don't like to deliver man

• In case you don't want to buy any item from your order, we take the order back. You pay only a $15 delivery fee

Contact us

If you have any inquiry or you have questions about delivery times, please:

• call us on 0412352095 or

• send email to [email protected]


Jessica Linen Dress

A wonderful dress made of boiled flax with interesting decoration, a trapeze-like cut interestingly highlights the female silhouette and at the same time never ceases to be very comfortable and practical.

Felted Wool Kids Slippers

100% wool. Warm, cozy handmade in Nepal. The wool keeps the feet warm but prevents sweating. Suede leather outsole.

Apple Brooch

A handcrafted apple brooch with excellent quality. Appropriate for pinning on dull surfaces. Shirts, bags, and wherever else you want!

Pink Tenderness Bracelet

This cuff bracelet with baby pink roses would be perfect as a bridal/bridesmaid accessory. This bracelet will make you look more beautiful.

Sweet Almond Oil 100mL

Our Sweet Almond Oil is 100% pure Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus oil. Perfect for massage treatments for dry to sensitive skin types

Felted Wool Classic Boot

Keep your feet warm with these Felted Wool Classic Boot. The pure wool is soft, healing, and flexible. Guaranteed to keep your feet warm and dry

Classic Diffuser

Double Scented 140ml Classic Reed Diffuser is made from high quality ceramic with a matte finish. Buy now, try it, and pay for the product you like!

Large Aroma Soy Sachet

Freshen your room now with a Large Aroma Soy Sachet now. The perfect way to keep your room fresh and make your body and mind clear

Green Rose Earrings

Complete your style with Green Rose Earrings! It's a sterling silver earring made from air-dry polymer clay and 100% Australia-made.

Pure Soul Jewellery Set

Jewellery set consisting of natural nacre earrings and bracelet. Natural nacre, rhodium with gold-finished chains. 100% Handmade.

Romance Jewellery Set

Set of two: Freshwater Cultured Pearls and Corals Bracelet and Earrings.


A great alternative for fascinators. Flower Headband is a custom made a headband with clay flower. And it could be perfect as a bridal headpiece

Marshmallow earrings

This Marshmallow earring is not yummy for your mouth. But it's definitely yummy for your looks!

Inspired by the Sea Ring

Don't ever feel blue again! Inspired by the Sea Ring in blue will increase your marvelous look


Fancy something edgier, but still, cost-effective? How about flower armbands?

Floral Necklace

Need something to beautify your looks at a special event? Get your own elegant purple Floral Necklace!

Catrine Linen Dress

Women always want to look gorgeous and not spend too much. Catrine by O-Linen Dress World is the best choice. It's a comfortable and stylish dress and is a great thing that will become indispensable for you

Lime n Lemongrass Wash 350mL

Sasy n Savy Lime n Lemongrass Wash enriched with Australian lime and lemongrass essential oil to wash away impurities and help normalize skin

Lime n Lemongrass Moisturiser 350mL

Hydrate and nourish your skin with our Sasy n Savy Lime n Lemongrass Moisturiser 350mL.

Australian Fig n Pink Cedar Wash 350mL

Gentle nurturing wash to clean and refresh your skin. Nutrient-rich Fig oil helps to rejuvenate dehydrated skin. Try it first & pay just for the items you liked!

Linda Linen Dress

It's classic checkers and a bold style! The linen dress from which this model is made is excellent, warm, and soft. Order now and pay after you try it.

Jessica Linen Dress

Visit our website for 35% off for all Linen products!

Dana Linen Dress

Take advantage of this amazing deal before it's way too late. Enjoy your 35% discount for all O-Linen Dress World's product!

Mirage Linen Dress

A comfy and stylish coat that you can wear anytime and anywhere, with a sweet deal of 35% discount.

Miami Linen Dress

Visit our website for 35% off for all Linen products!

Julie Linen Dress

Order now and pay once it's already on your hand and enjoy your 35% off!

Smereka Linen Dress

A really stunning, sexy casual dress with a slit on the front which allows the legs to show.

Citrus Hand Cream 50mL

The fruity oil surely brings a delicate citrus aroma that is uplifting and restorative

Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Sanitizer Spray 60mL

Make yourself irresistible in any event with this Gerbera linen dress from O-Linen Dress. Pay once you receive it!

Pink Cedar & Fig Moisturiser 350mL

Calms your mind and body whilst enhancing circulation with this gentle & nurturing moisturiser. Pink Cedar & Fig Moisturiser also absorbs easily into the skin

Citrus Hand Cream 50mL

Soften and moisturises your hardworking hand with Citrus Hand Cream. The fruity oil surely brings a delicate citrus aroma that is uplifting and restorative


A three-quarter-length sleeve allows you to wear this model all year round

Patricia O-Linen Dress

This linen dress is destined to become your summer wardrobe staple.

Gerbera O-Linen Dress

With this dress, you can go not only to the office for a walk. At any festive event you will be simply irresistible in it


A stylish woman looks harmonious when sophistication keeps pace with simplicity. It’s not about brands, but about individuality and the ability to emphasize it.


Stylish linen dress with high-quality fabric

Classic Diffuser

Freshen your day with our Classic Reed Diffuser. Grab yours now!

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp (Natural) & Tea-lights

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps produce negative ions that are essential for our health and well being. The freshness of the air after a thunderstorm, on a mountain top, or by the seaside, are due to the high concentration of negative ions in the air.

SPF 15 Skin Firming Crème 50mL

Make your skin feels fresh and lovely while protecting it from sunburn, why not?

Felted Wool Classic Boot with Button

100% wool. Warm, cosy hand made in Nepal. The wool keeps the feet warm, but prevents from sweating. Suede leather outsole.


This dress is a universal style garment that will never come out of fashion. Easy, breezy linen dress to refresh your everyday look and a classic option perfect for everyday use.


This beautifully romantic maxi is made for nights along the beach! Featuring an embroidery of field flowers along the cutout on the front will make you look gorgeous.


Perfect for a day out or lounging with friends, the casual dress is an effortless style piece. A dress with a semi-fitting silhouette and pockets in the side seams.


The perfect light coat. Lighter than denim, and the color won't run. With its relaxed cut, you can slip it on like a long cardigan or wear it buttoned up as a dress.


Mirage is an oversized linen jacket. This tailored outer resists wrinkling and can be machine washed. What are you waiting for? Order now and we will deliver it to you to try it on.


Linen Blouse with embroidery.


This linen dress has a slightly fitted silhouette, of medium length. Like all our dresses, it sits perfectly on a height from 158 cm to 180 cm and various body constitution.


If you're looking to get on the linen trend, this linen dress can be a real gem for you. The Mediterranean-style embroidery makes it more elegant.

Spearmint & Lavender Sea Salt Foaming Cleanser 100ml

Spearmint n Lavender Sea Salt Foaming Cleanser has a deep cleansing and firming effect on the skin to improve skin elasticity. Making the skin look radiant and smooth. Ideal for Oily to Combination skin.

Vitamin Enriched Facial Exfoliant 100ml

Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to help increase cell turnover, elasticity, as well as reduce blemishes & skin irritations. Removes dead skin cells and unwanted oils, leaving your skin brighter and more radiant. Use weekly.

SPF 15 Skin Firming Crème 50ml

A luxurious & delicate day cream offering the additional benefit of SPF15 protection for your skin. Hydrates and nourishes while protecting from premature aging. Use daily during the day.

Vitamin Enriched Facial Recovery Masque 100ml

Enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, aloe vera, and jojoba oil to deeply cleanse, draw out impurities to restore your skin and enhance the complexion of your skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin.

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