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179 Boundary Street, WEST END, QLD 4101, Australia
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Cafes - West End, QLD

The FAT Carrot is a juice bar located in in the heart of West End, Queensland, Australia. We serve fresh and healthy drinks, dessert and Vietnamese street food in a creative and sustainable manner.

Welcome to The FAT Carrot, an innovative juice bar & dessert in the heart of West End, Queensland.

We believe that eating and living healthy is the key to creating a life that is meaningful, happy and capable of giving to the fullest. With this in mind, The FAT Carrot is aiming to create a place to get fresh and healthy eats and drinks.

And the good news is, The FAT Carrot serves a menu with plenty of gluten-free and refined sugar-free options available for you to order.

Below are the dishes and beverages you can order from The FAT Carrot:

• Squeezed Juices

• Vietnamese Iced Coffee

• Sugarcane Juice

• Smoothies

• Acai bowls

• Pitaya bowl and smoothie

• Banh Mi

• Rice and Noodle

• Snacks

• Vegetarian and Vegan dishes

The FAT Carrot also serves a range of desserts, such as:

• Gelato and Sorbet

• Bubble Waffles

• Parfaits

• Chilled Drinks

• Smoothies

At The FAT Carrot, we have our dessert specialties, namely Gelato Fondue, Rocky Road Gelato, Summer Frappe, S'more Freakshake, Banana King Freakshake, and Lady in Pink Freakshake. You can also order various dessert for kids such as Ah-Mah-Zing Pinocchio and Happy Clown.

The FAT Carrot strives to provide everyone with a smile, and the freshest, tastiest and healthiest food and drinks we can make.

We live on this beautiful Earth, therefore we are responsible for taking care of this beautiful planet we live on. This is why The FAT Carrot is very passionate about sustainable practices.

To help minimize our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce our output of harmful waste, The FAT Carrot plays its part by using BioPak products for packaging. These are made from natural and renewable resources and are commercially compostable.

When you visit The FAT Carrot, we encourage you to dine-in. But if you wish to take away, The FAT Carrot will provide you with bio-packaging.

Not only that, but The FAT Carrot also sends the leftover food and compostable packaging wastes to commercial and community composting. This way, we can divert them from landfill and help fighting climate change.

For your healthy meals and drinks, be sure to drop by at The FAT Carrot! Because we are more than just juice!


Fat Carrot Menu

Fat Carrot Menu

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Menu 2

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