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Raw Hiking is a personal site providing experiences and learning in my journey through life so other can learn from my mistakes and see what our great land has to offer.

Raw (Random and Wild) Hiking is a personal website providing adventures and learning’s in my journey through life. Passion for the outdoors has run through my veins from the moment I took breath and I constantly deny my own freedoms by being sucked into tablets, mobile devices and laptops, it drains me from what I feel life is, an uncontrollable energised being that needs room to grow away from those high rises.

I have a remarkably strong work ethic and with that comes stress. A few years back I decided to clear the physical items under my roof in effect to clear my mind. The next week I went on an overnighter, in the process of packing my bag I realised the culling caused me to have more belongs on my back than in my life.

The balance between life and work is never easy and won't ever be, however keeping myself in check helps keep me in control of my path.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call Raw Hiking for more information.


5 Hiking Fashion No-Nos!

Hiking really isn't the place where the fashion industry gets their inspiration. Fashion meets practical and comfortable is more like it.

Enjoy Your Hiking Experience

To have an enjoyable hiking experience, you need to prepare adequately to make sure that you have all you need for your expedition before embarking on it.

What Makes a Good Hiking Boot

The best hiking boots on the market are going to be ones that are both lightweight and comfortable. If you are having trouble on your hiking trip then you probably have the wrong hiking boot.

Take A Hike With Your Children

Teach your child not only about the great outdoors, but also about life skills such as, sharing, cooperation and leadership. Follow these simple steps for an invigorating and safe hike with your child

How to Choose the Right Trail Hiking Equipment

Whether you go trail hiking every chance you can, or you just want to get out in nature once in a while you are going to need the right hiking equipment to keep you safe and dry.

Your Next Hiking Adventure - Tips To Make It Safer Than Ever

Hiking is fun, healthy and relaxing. And it is gaining popularity. Here's how you can make your next hiking adventure safe and fun.

Hiking Shoes - A Great Alternative to Heavy Hiking Boots

There are different types of shoes that are used for different purposes. Hiking shoes are tougher than normal running shoes and can withstand the rigors and punishments that they are subjected to.

The Value of Good Hiking Shoes

Want to pack our back pack and go on a hiking spree? The most important thing you must do before taking off is to get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes.

Why You Need Lightweight Hiking Boots

When you are backpacking on uneven and rough terrains, it is recommended that you purchase full-length lightweight hiking boots. This kind of boots offers you good ankle support and protection.

8 Tips For Kids Hiking Boots

Here are tips to help you look for good fitting hiking boots for your kids.

Find Your Comfortable Boots For Hiking

Hiking is fun and adventurous outdoor activity that has advantages for people. Most of people like hiking very much to see the beauty and fertile nature.

Tips For Having Your First Successful Hike

So you decided to start hiking. Well that's great, but you better read this before you hit the trails.

Picking The Right Time For Hiking

When you plan for hiking, you need to determine the right time of your trip. The calculation of hiking times involves your hiking speed.

Prepare For a Hiking Trip

Hiking is an excellent activity for your cardiovascular system, muscles, and joints. It is also a great way to spending time while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Tips on How to Find the Right Kind of Hiking Boots

One of the most important aspects of hiking is your hiking boots. Hiking boots will keep your feet safe and comfortable on your trip.

Hiking With A Family

Hiking provides much needed exercise for children and adults alike. It also gives the family an opportunity to enjoy nature and learn about the surrounding environment.

Why You Should Have a Trail Sandal When You Are Hiking

Boots, socks, insoles are all necessary. However have you ever thought about a trail sandal?

Hiking Insoles - A Great Way to Cushion Your Feet

Your hiking insoles can have a large impact. Just like you needing the right boots and socks, you also need the correct hiking insoles.

Hike Your Way to Fitness!

Aside from the emotional and social bonding we can benefit from hiking, you'll be surprised that when you hike, you can actually have a good workout to stay fit and healthy.

Day Hiking to Stay in Shape - A Fun-Fitness Alternative

How do you stay in shape? Day Hiking is recommended to mix up a workout routine. When starting out, day hikers should condition properly become familiar with the trails, be prepared with the trail.

How to Pack For a Day-Long Hiking Trip

What do you pack when you're off for a day hike? Take what you need and leave the rest.

How to Select a Proper Backpack for Your Hiking Needs

Do you use the right backpack for your hiking trips? Avoid back aches and neck discomfort by using the right hiking backpack.

Top 10 Items Not to Forget on Your Hiking Trip

What do you take and what do you leave behind? Do you really need to take anything for a day hike? Find out which essentials you should never leave at home.

Hiking and Backpacking - Go Take A Hike!

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while giving your body an excellent cardiovascular workout. It challenges your heart and lungs, and works the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Tips For Selecting Waterproof Hiking Boots

All people who enjoy hiking understand the importance of buying good quality waterproof hiking boots, even it means paying that bit extra to get a high quality hiking boots.

Hiking and Camping Tips

With summertime comes plenty of hiking and camping. With these tips, you will be ready in no time to hike and camp like a pro. Get prepared now.

The Boots Make the Hike

Hiking boots are the most important part of your hiking gear. They are essential to the items you will need for a great hiking experience overall.

Hiking Together With The Family

Hiking is an increasingly growing family activity that creates a sort of communal task that everyone has to achieve, and that family bonds are stronger than ever due to this family activity.

The Joy of Hiking Trips

Hiking trips are an adventurous way to take a vacation or a little bit of time out to enjoy nature at its finest, up close.

Hiking For Fun

Hiking can be fun for the entire family. It is a recreational activity everyone can join in and have fun together.

Picking the Perfect Hiking Track

Have you ever wanted to do some hiking or bushwalking? Read this 5-point guide to learn how to pick the right hiking track that suits you perfectly.

3 Great Reasons to Start Hiking

Have you ever been traveling, looked out the window and noticed the most beautiful spot you've ever seen? Why not get up close and personal by hiking there? Here's three reasons why you should.

What Hiking Equipment is Essential?

While the list of equipment you can use for hiking can get very long, there are really only a few items that are truly essential for every trip. Here are a few suggestions...

Men's Hiking Boots - How to Make the Wise Choice

If you are going for a hike, a comfortable and good pair of men's hiking boots can sometimes be the difference between a pleasant hike or a suffering.

A Hiking Checklist Helps Keep You Prepared and Safe

Hiking is a great way to get out into parts unexplored and see a bit of nature but it is important to make a hiking checklist.

Health Benefits Of Hiking Outdoors

Most people know hiking is good for their body and health in general but what they may not know is just how beneficial is it.

Things to Remember When You Buy Your First Pair Of Hiking Boots

Here are some things you need to remember when buying your first pair of hiking boots.

Best Hiking Backpacking Destinations Around The World

If you're planning on going on a hiking backpacking trip in the next few months, here are some of the destinations that you should consider.

Hiking Footwear: Shoes Vs Boots

At the end of the article, we hope you'll have an insight on the differences which will in turn help you make the right choice to buy.

How to Hike Like a Sherpa and Tips For Your Next Outdoor Recreation Adventure

The best path to good health involves exercise. This does not mean joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer. A brisk walk is great for a cardio workout.

How You Can Choose the Best Hiking Socks

hen purchasing socks, be sure that they fit snugly on your feet with not any bunching or creases. You'll find a variety of styles and materials to choose from.

Hiking Gear You Need to Take on a Ramble Or Hike

So you want to go hiking and therefore you need to understand what hiking gear you will need to take with you. The stores are full of lots of gear for hiking that they want to sell you.

Why You Might Want to Join a Hiking Club

As an active hiker you may want to consider joining a hiking group to become more immersed in this activity.

Tips On Choosing The Most Suitable Hiking Trails

Taking a trip and have an interest in hiking? Whether you choose to hike for one or five days, you will be looking out for the best hiking park for the area you travel to, and the trails for hiking.

Why Should You Use Hiking Poles?

Why should you use hiking poles is perhaps the first question that may strike in your mind especially when you are a beginner.

Hiking Clothes For Women

The clothes are the most important gear for any hiker because it serves as protection from any kind of harm while outdoors.

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Hiking Trails

Your next hiking adventure can be full of fun, excitement and other delightful moments. But you have to start with choosing the right hiking trail.

Hiking Clubs You Can Join

Join the hiking club of your choice and satisfy your fashion for hiking. It helps build a community of hiking and fitness enthusiasts.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Hiking Boots

When buying a new pair of hiking boots you are often faced with an overwhelming amount of choices, styles and prices; there are facts and figures and technical jargon - how do you choose what is best.

Choosing the Best Hiking Footwear

Aside from purchasing the best hiking shoes for your trek, hiking does not have to require any other special equipment making it a very inexpensive exercise option.

Why Hike With A Handheld GPS?

They are especially beneficial when you are traversing terrain that does not have many distinguishing landmarks to aid navigation.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes

Selecting the best footwear can make or break the success of your trip so it is essential that you match the correct pair of hiking shoes with your hike.

Hiking Safety Tips

There are some hiking safety tips that should be known so that your trip will be as pleasing as possible.

Tips on Hiking With Your Dog

If you love hiking, there is nothing better than hiking with your dog. However, dogs do not know how to hike with you, they have to be taught, which is why it is important to begin training your dog a

Preparing For That First Hike

Hiking is an extremely popular activity in America and the great open spaces and pristine wilderness beckons one and all, adventurous enough to set forth on a mentally and physically rewarding journey

Camping Tent and Hiking Tips

When you are planning for your next camping tent or hiking trip, typically you find yourself going through a checklist.

Hiking Tips for Amateurs

Anyone who is able to walk even a moderate distance, including young children and older adults, can find a trail to match their abilities and fitness levels.

Hiking Tips for Journal Writing

Anyone who has been on a day hike will need a way to be able to preserve the memories of the experience. One of the ways to do this is to write about your adventure in a hiking journal.

Mountain Hiking Tips

Backpacking is a fun and refreshing activity that can be fun for the whole family! You may be near the Mountains or in your back yard!

Reasons Not to Buy Discount Hiking Gear

Hiking tips from the right person can be invaluable for your long term enjoyment of a lifetime on the hiking trail.

Hiking Gear- Packing Tips

To fully enjoy your hiking trip you must prepare beforehand. Even a small mistake in selecting your hiking equipment may result in an injury or at the least in discomfort and a negative experience.

Getting The Best Hiking Gear

Going on a hiking? Make sure you have all the right gear in place will help you to get the most out of your hiking, while ensuring that you still look good when you're out on the trail.

How to Find Affordable Hiking Gear

So how can you save some money but still get great gear? Check out these tips for having top notch gear and pay less for them, nothing could be sweeter than that.

Gear Checklist for Day Hiking

Raw Hiking created a list below as a general guide to what you should be looking to obtain when getting your hiking gear together for a day hike.

Mountain Hiking Gear Essentials

If you are going on a mountain hiking trip, then you should have the following gear.

Ayers Rock Tour Guide

Watching Ayers Rock undergo its striking changes of colour, the onlookers are not solemn but rather festive, friendly and relaxed. In fact, very Australian.

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