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Education & Migration Consultant - Sydney, NSW

Pace Migration & Education Consultancy is an established Registered Migration Agency as well as a Student Agency in Sydney, NSW. We are your migration and education agents expert.

Welcome to Pace Migration & Education Consultancy!

Pace Migration & Education Consultancy, the established Registered Migration Agency as well as a Student Agency. Your migration and education agents expert.

We are Registered Migration Agents (MARN 0745684), under Australian Government legislation. The student agency established in 2006 operated as Pace Education Consultancy and complemented by adding migration services in 2007 and renamed as Pace Migration & Education Consultancy now operating under PACE SUCCESS PTY LTD.

As an education agent, we offer the best options for you and your future in Australia or the home country. Even if you wish to develop your professional career in Australia or afterward overseas.

Meanwhile, we explain to you the different migration pathways s a migration agent. We give a detail explanation of each of the migration options. We teach our clients and make sure they understand all the options.

Our Services are:

Education Services

• Academic and career advisement towards skilled migration

• Enrolment into Schools, Colleges, and Universities

• Issuing Offer Letter and COE

• Technical advisement for a better English exam score (IELTS, PTE)

• Assistance with student visa processing and tips for success

• Accommodation and job placement services provided if necessary

• Student visa subclass 500

Migration Services

• Obligation-free first initial consultation through phone/email

• Preliminary evaluation of educational qualification and work experiences

• Honest advice on the chance of visa application success.

• Suggestion on other available visa options to clients

• Qualifications and experiences Assessment through appropriate - Assessment Authority

• Complete assistance and advice is provided towards a positive outcome of visa subclass 457, 186, 187, 189, 190, 489, 887 and off course 820/801; 309/100

Since we are Migration as well as Education experts, we look into each client profile carefully. If your goal is Permanent Residency, we guide you until you reach your desired goal.

Migrate to Australia? Study in Australia? We are your Migration and Education Agents Expert! Contact us now!


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