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Mortgage Brokers - Windsor, NSW

Yellow Brick Road Windsor specialises in superannuation, insurance, home loans, savings and much more. They also offer a holistic wealth management package for you and your family.

Yellow Brick Road in Windsor specialises in superannuation, insurance, home loans, financial advice, self-managed super funds, savings assistance, and much more. They are the leading mortgage brokers in Windsor, NSW, and also offer insurance plans and savings advice for you and your family. With a home loan from YBR Windsor, your future home is safe. Put your money into investments, not fees, through their superannuation programs. Let the team of specialists at YBR Wealth Management Windsor help you gain financial freedom. At YBR Windsor, they can put you on the yellow brick road to financial success.

Our goal at Yellow Brick Road Windsor is to give all Australians access to quality financial advice and to help you plan for your future.

At YBR Windsor, our relationship with you is our top priority.

With access to over 30 mortgage providers and various insurance, superannuation and investment products, we confidently meet your financial needs. Whether that be finding the best deal on your home loan or creating a sustainable and realistic savings plan, our brokers and advisers can help.

We offer a holistic wealth management package for you and your family, ensuring you save money where it counts whilst reaping the rewards of sound investment. We also help you prepare for any unforeseen bumps in the road.

We offer a no-obligation initial consultation – so come in and start planning for your future today.

Our local area covers Agnes Banks, North Richmond, Bligh Park, Kurmond, Berambing, however, we are not restricted and everyone is more than welcome.

Yellow Brick Road Windsor offers a wide range of services such as:

• Home Loans

• Superannuation

• Financial Advice

• Insurance

• Savings

If you are looking for the best mortgage brokers in Windsor that specialises in home loans, insurance and other financial services, contact Yellow Brick Road Windsor today!


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Home loan arrears rise in March

Australian home loan arrears rose in March. The Standard & Poor's Performance Index (SPIN) for Australian prime mortgages increased to 1.18% from 1.16% in February.

Fire up your savings strategy

In the latest Reserve Bank figures, the average household is saving just under 10 per cent of disposable income.

Millennials dominate mortgage broker market

New research from Roy Morgan shows that in the 12 months to March 2018 nearly half (48.6%) of the existing home borrowers who used a mortgage broker to obtain their current loan were Millennials.

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Changes to rates and rules can be confusing. Here, we explain what it means for you.

Mark Bouris throws support behind long-term leases for Australian cities

He made his fortune selling home loans, but now Mark Bouris is advocating a change to tenancy laws, saying the government should aid the introduction of long-term leases.

Royal commission 'not representative' of broking: Bouris

Yellow Brick Road’s Mark Bouris says that the royal commission’s first round of hearings was “not representative of what goes on in our industry”

Brokers expecting non-major share to rise

Over 95 per cent of mortgage brokers are expecting to write more home loans for non-major lenders, according to a new survey.

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Customers will probably find it tougher to get a home loan because banks will be more cautious about lending standards in the wake of the royal commission, ANZ Bank chief Shayne Elliott says.

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First-Home Buyer Activity Rebounds

Borrowing among first-home buyers has rebounded over the past year, due in part to relaxed investor activity and attractive incentives in New South Wales and Victoria.

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The total value of owner-occupier home loans increased in February, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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How your credit card could hurt your chances of a home loan

After two years of steady and falling credit card debt, there was something of a binge in February with credit card debt accruing interest hitting $33 billion.

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Property investment can be a powerful way to build your wealth, but do your homework first.

Do you really need to work to pay down your home loan?

One in three households has a home loan and Australians owe $1.45trillion in mortgages yet at least 60 per cent of Australians lack the insurance cover to pay their mortgage

Help - I can't tell which home loan's right for me!

IO, P&I, Fixed Rate, Variable, LVR – What are the factors that influence the cost of a loan?

Why postcodes count when it comes to home loans

Lenders are being more selective when it comes to certain suburbs. Here’s why.

Mark Bouris refuses to rule out bid for Parliament House

DONALD Trump may have been the first celebrity businessman to become a political leader, but Mark Bouris could soon follow suit.

Is now the time for an investment property?

Have a look at a home loan comparison website and you’ll see a growing number of variable rate mortgages are now below 4 per cent.

Building your prosperity through property

It's no secret us Aussies love to invest in property, but no matter what type of investor you are there are 3 simple investing principles you have to know.

Consumer group wants brokers to be legally bound to act in the interest of their clients

Choice, the Marrickville-based consumer advocacy group, is calling for all mortgage brokers to be legally required to act in their clients’ best interest.

Is now the time to buy or sell home loan investments?

Switching out of senior bonds and hybrids to invest in Australian residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) while house prices are falling – and likely to remain weak for years

How is the cash rate different from the Interest Rate

There will always be pairings that we get mixed up when they're actually quite distinct from one another. Coles and Woolworths, Pepsi and Coke. The cash rate and the interest rate are two such pairing

Australian home loan arrears rose by an unusually large amount at the start of this year

The percentage of Australians falling behind on their home loan repayments jumped sharply in January, increasing across every Australian state and territory.

Sydney sellers left with no choice but to drop prices

Weakening market conditions in Sydney have forced property owners to sell their properties for up to 30% below their listed price.

Home owners let down by cavalier approach to mortgage brokers

It used to be easier to become a financial adviser than a hairdresser. Before the legislative reforms that shook up the industry in 2012/13, it was as simple as completing a two-day course online

'Australia-first' AI-driven living expenses engine launches

A new artificial intelligence-based expenses verification engine has been launched for brokers and lenders to ensure responsible lending and compliance obligations are met.

Major banks slash fixed rates

Following CBA’s latest cuts to its fixed rate loans, NAB and ANZ have moved to drop their rates for both owner occupiers and investors by as much as 50 basis points.

St George changes mortgage interest rates

St George Bank has made a series of changes to its fixed home loans, with some home loan rates going up and others going down.

3 Reasons you can't retire on your Savings Account

Are you confident in your savings? Long term financial planning in Australia is key for a comfortable retirement, but many people find it difficult to save.

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7 Money Saving Hacks that Really Work

Imagine if you could save $80 each week. Then imagine this balloons to $350 by the end of the month. Before you know it, a year has gone by and your bank account is healthier to the tune of $4,200.

Setting your own financial goals

When it comes to goal setting, it can be hard to know where to start. We all have different ideas and dreams of what we’d like to achieve further down the track - but they seem overwhelming.

Home Loan Pre-Approval: How much should I ask for?

Do you want to get pre-approved for a home loan so you can start house hunting, but you’re not sure how much to ask for?

YBR's Wealth Arm Gaining Ground

Yellow Brick Road's (YBR) wealth business and its digital advice strategies have helped boost the firm's 1H18 performance.

Home Loans: The Right Questions to Ask

We’re always looking for way to save money, but one place where people forget to look also happens to be their biggest household expense: their mortgage.

#myfinancialadvice 1 Income

One of the most memorable pieces of financial advice I’ve received came from my dad.

Australians Ignore Refinancing Opportunities

At Yellow Brick Road Windsor, we believe that refinancing your home loan is one of the most valuable things you can do.

A government-backed investigation has started on the selling tactics of banks' mortgages.

The Royal Commission inquiry heard on its opening day that almost half of the over 385 public submissions it had received were about banks

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So how do you acquire a healthy self-esteem? Here are six ways of learning how to like yourself.

Busting Mortgage Myths

Lately I’ve been doing some Q&As with our local customers here in Windsor, answering their questions about mortgages.

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