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MONOLIX is your unique slim ring box for surprise engagement proposal that will safely and be discretely hidden in your pocket. Buy now and enjoy the free shipping worldwide!




For the item that lasts a lifetime, it is only fitting that it is stored safely and securely within a box that reflects its importance.

With rings coming in all shapes and sizes we provide solutions for the minimal to the extravagant.

Patented mechanism—slide the lid back, the ring rises and presents.

The Story

The idea for MONOLIX was born from a close friends tale of woe when getting down on one knee. Unable to fit a traditional ring box into a pocket without the bulge drawing attention, he decided to forget the box and just slip the ring into the pocket by itself.

Unfortunately, his lucky pair of pants weren't as robust as thought & when the decisive moment came for the big reveal an empty hand was the only thing presented. We won't disclose the location as our friend still goes back looking for that ring...

...not to worry he doesn't do it alone.

Our Philosophy

As an independent design house, we take control from inspiration to the manufacturer in order to deliver a product without compromise that we are proud to put our own name on. It is our mission to craft products that elevate the experience for life's moments.

With a modern touch to the classic ring box, our unique slim engagement ring boxes are thin and lightweight—perfect for discreet presence in your pocket ready for that special moment.

MONOLIX slim ring box is a must-have for your proposal and wedding, handy for the groomsman to carry the wedding bands, and ideal for everyday use as storage during travel and gym.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries with our products with different sizes & materials, if you have something extra special in mind please contact us & we will endeavour to craft a solution for you.

If you are looking for a unique ring box that will not ruin your memorable moment, you have come to the right place. Talk to us today and find the perfect engagement ring box that will wow your partner!

Pure White (mini)

MONOLIX Slim Ring Box | Thin Unique Sliding Lid for Surprise Engagement Proposal

Royal Navy (mini)

MONOLIX Slim Ring Box | Thin Unique Sliding Lid for Surprise Engagement Proposal

Onyx Black (mini)

MONOLIX Slim Ring Box | Thin Unique Sliding Lid for Surprise Engagement Proposal

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