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Kitchen Renovations - Mascot, NSW

Kensington Kitchens and Bathrooms is a leading kitchen and bathroom makeover specialist in Mascot, Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1979 and has since delivered exceptional kitchen and bathroom makeover.

Kensington Kitchens and Bathrooms is the best kitchen and bathroom makeover specialists in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1979 by Reg Hendricks, Kensington Kitchens and Bathrooms has successfully delivered services in the industry for over 40 years.

As the leading designer and makeover specialists in the kitchen and bathroom industry, Kensington Kitchens and Bathrooms has been awarded multiple Australian Design Awards for recognition of Outstanding Design. Kensington Kitchens & Bathrooms maintain a reputation for high-quality standards in design and installation - while successfully maintaining a solid reputation for outstanding services.

Our intelligent design, service and excellent workmanship are the reasons why we give you peace of mind and less stress - as we are devoted to helping you from start to finish to build you the kitchens and bathrooms of your dreams!

All materials and components are of the highest quality and covered by a 10-year guarantee. All Blum and Hettich hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We have a team of:

- Plumbers

- Electricians

- Tilers

- Painters

- Kitchen installers

Who are fully qualified and insured!

If you are looking for professional kitchen and bathroom designers and renovators in Mascot, Sydney, contact us now. We are ready to help you from concept design, installation to finishing touches! Get in touch and make the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams a reality!


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