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Kitchen Renovations - Kellyville, NSW

Kellyville Kitchens is a leading Sydney kitchen designers and kitchen makeover specialist in the Hills District, delivering quality kitchen renovations, designs, and makeovers.

Kellyville Kitchens is Sydney's premier kitchen designers with more than 20 years of design experience helping people create beautiful kitchens for today’s lifestyle. We are a multi-award winning small business, built a solid reputation for outstanding quality, value and performance. Our intelligent design, service and excellent workmanship are the reasons we can build and provide you kitchen renovations of which you will be proud. As multiple small business award winners, we’ve built a solid reputation for outstanding quality, value and performance. This, coupled with intelligent design, service and excellent workmanship are the reasons we can build you a kitchen of which you will be proud.

Our expert and experienced designer and renovators specialise in providing full, new and custom design kitchens services, makeovers, cabinet, doors, splashbacks, bench tops and kitchen renovations and appliances from concept design, installation, through to the finishing touches.

Kellyville Kitchens is servicing and delivering quality designs in the areas such as the Hills District, North Sydney and the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Whether you are looking for a new kitchen, a kitchen renovation or makeover, our friendly and experienced kitchen designers and our commitment to delivering quality kitchen designs, makes it easy to choose Kellyville Kitchens to design your dream kitchen.

Our Products and Services include:

• Full, New and Custom Kitchen Designs and Installation Services

• Kitchen Renovations and Makeovers

• Outdoor Kitchens/Alfresco

• Cabinet Makers

• Vanities

• Benchtops

• Splashbacks

• Doors

• Laundry

• Wardrobes

• And much more!

Kellyville Kitchens is a leading Sydney Kitchen Designer with a reputation for delivering quality kitchens in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, including Hills District areas such as Kellyville, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Cherrybrook, Seven Hills, Rouse Hill, Blacktown, Quakers Hill, Dural, and North Shore Areas such as North Sydney, Manly, Hornsby, Wahroonga, Artarmon, Pymble, Killara, and Milsons Point. From the Inner West to the Eastern Suburbs to the Sutherland Shire, we are able to service most of Sydney’s Greater Metropolitan Region.

If you are looking for a professional kitchen designer and renovators in Kellyville, Sydney, the Hills District and surrounding areas please contact Kellyville Kitchens today for enquiries.



Receptacles, commonly referred as outlets, are used to provide individual plug in points for power

Home Office

An organised home office is the beginning of an organised life. Our designers will help you find design solutions to meet your needs. A Kellyville Kitchens home office will provide a valuable addition to your home.


Kellyville Kitchens, modern built in wardrobes have been enhancing Australian homes with contemporary, functional designs for everyday living.


Time to update the bathroom or adding a new one? Kellyville Kitchens can provide a custom-made solution to suit your budget or add that ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom.

Outdoor Kitchens

Our outdoor kitchens are stylish, durable and highly functional. Using our 20+ years of experience in custom-made kitchen design, we can work with you to transform your entertainment space and turn your outdoor kitchen idea into a reality.

Traditional Vs. Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Some may say that kitchen cabinets act as the foundation of the kitchen, as without them, the whole kitchen would look empty and incomplete, and nothing would feel in place.

Why you Should Have Quality Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are one of the most important features of a kitchen. The first thing you notice when you walk into the kitchen is definitely the cabinets.

The Biggest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

From open shelving to matte black fixtures, designers weigh in.

Making a Comfortable Kitchen

The kitchen is a room in the house that we spend a lot of time in. It also needs to be a multi-functional area, used for cooking, entertaining, family time and sometimes even eating or drinking too.

4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Interior Kitchen Design

The country themed kitchen is perfect for those who have a family or enjoy entertaining. It can create the perfect setting and does not have to break the bank.

Modern Kitchen Design and Remodel

The importance of kitchen renovations can certainly not be overemphasized. No matter where do you spend most of your day, you are certainly going to end up in the kitchen every once in a while.

Why Renovate your Old Kitchen?

Over the years it has grown in importance to such an extent that it is usually the first room that would be buyers head for when looking to purchase a new home.

Modern Kitchens Must-Haves

Some people hate cooking because of the fact that the time spent in cooking is far greater than the time spent in devouring the food.

Buying The Right Kitchen Splashback

To help you find the right splashback, we have compiled some useful information on various Kitchen Splashbacks available in the market.

Why Using Professional Kitchen Designer for Kitchen Renovations in Always the Best Choice

When people are in a position where they are spending far too much time in a kitchen where nothing seems to be working right, they might rightly decide that it is time to do a makeover in the future.

Kitchen Renovations Tips for a Multi-Purpose Modern Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are no more restricted to just repairing the countertops, flooring or getting the walls painted or tiled.

Choosing A Modern Kitchen Design Style

There are quite a variety of designs to select for your dining room look. Kitchen design has a portfolio of various attractive dining looks that may be the basic design for your ultimate room look.

Dealing with Outdoor Kitchen Designs

When planning your outdoor kitchen, you will no doubt talk to a lot of different people to get different opinions on all the various outdoor kitchen designs you are bound to run into during this proce

Affordable Kitchen Designers in Sydney to Suit Your Budget

Building high-end kitchens might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but that does not mean you will be deprived. It’s easier than you think to get affordable kitchen designer in Sydney.

Building an Outdoor Kitchen on Your Patio

Are you interested in improving your patio by creating an outdoor kitchen? Check here on why you should have an outdoor kitchen to your home.

Kitchen Design Tips For Small Spaces

If you own a small kitchen, don't think that you can't do anything about making it appear ordered and large. A good quality kitchen design will mainly influence it.

Kitchen Renovation: Give Your Kitchen A Brand New Look

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home and as such you want to keep it up to date, clean and appealing.

Benefits of Modern Kitchens

When deciding upon a design style for a kitchen, the number of choices can be overwhelming. It is important to base your decision not only on looks but also on practicality.

Kitchen Renovations Don't Have to Be Expensive

One of the most common home renovations is kitchen renovations. The kitchen is one room in which changes in tastes and styles are readily noticeable.

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Tips

The kitchen has evolved from merely a place where family meals are cooked. At present, the kitchen is considered one of the most crowded areas in the house for the most part of the day.

Kitchen Designers Can Save Your Kitchen From Disaster

You probably think that you have a good idea of what you want in your kitchen remodel. Check here on why you should hire a kitchen designer for your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Countertops: Material and Colour Choices

After the cabinets in your kitchen, the countertops are the most prominent aspect of any kitchen remodel, and as such, deserve careful consideration when you choose the countertops for your kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Check out here some of the tips and ideas that can help you with your outdoor kitchen designs.

How to Accomplish Successful Kitchen Renovations

Whether you are constructing a new kitchen or making an allowance for a total renovation, the following direction will be clearly helpful, along with saving you from aggravation or risk in the future.

Top Tips For Kitchen Renovations

If you're embarking on your first kitchen renovation, you're probably finding the whole experience a bit baffling and filled with unexpected difficulties. But there's no need to worry!

Planning Kitchen Design Within Budget

If you are thinking of redesigning your current kitchen or are putting a new kitchen in a new property, then the planning and kitchen design stage is critically important.

Modern Kitchens: The Centre Of The Modern Home

Well, we all know that technology is constantly on the rise, this means that life is changing. When life changes so do people's needs.

Kitchen Renovation: Important issues you need to discuss with Kitchen Designers

Kitchen renovation has revamped over the years ever since the use of technology was integrated into its designs.

Outdoor Kitchens Advantages

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of having an outdoor kitchen in your house compared to not having it, or only having an indoor kitchen.

Factors To Consider Before Planning A Kitchen Renovation

The renovation is essential for homeowners to help them replace items, designs and features of their house and integrate better and more functional solutions and products to make their house better.

The Easy Way To Restore Kitchen Benchtops

If you wonder whether you can do a kitchen refurbishment without having to pay for much, the answer is yes.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Kitchen Countertops

You want your new kitchen countertops to be fabulous and to fit your lifestyle as well. Here are issues to consider.

Things to Consider before a Kitchen Renovation

You’ve dreamed, saved, and planned for months and as excited as you are, there are a few things that need to be considered before such a big undertaking.

Outdoor Kitchen: Some Helpful Tips

An outdoor kitchen is a great feature in your home especially if you want to have friends over.

Steps to Consider in Doing Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen renovation includes several mild and complicated procedures. Therefore, before you try to engage yourself at any stage of kitchen renovation

Considerations for Modern Kitchen Design

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodelling an old one, you will need to begin by having a pretty good idea of what it is that you hope to achieve.

Modern Kitchen Design With A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island has become a trend on kitchen designs nowadays because it can provide a lot of functions for your kitchen as well as it produces a more modern and sophisticated look.

7 Reasons To Choose Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Coloured glass splashbacks are one of the most popular choices at the moment for kitchens, offering a truly contemporary look that adds far more to a room than might at first be imagine.

Why Pick Bespoke Kitchen Design?

If you want to refit a kitchen in a hurry and on a tight budget, bespoke kitchen design almost certainly won't be the best idea for you.

Creating A Functional, Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors can be an exciting experience and a great way to connect with your guests as you prepare food.

Traditional Kitchens Make Cooking Fun

Traditional kitchens are often the heart of a home; they are where the family gathers for meals, where the kids do their homework around the table, and where friends chat over coffee.

Pros and Cons of having an Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any home. In warm climates, they can be used all year round, while in colder places they may need to be reserved for the summer months.

Money Saving Kitchen Design Tips

So we have compiled this money saving kitchen design tips feature to help you update your kitchen on a budget.

Modern Kitchen Design: 5 Great Ideas

Planning a modern kitchen design? Well, here are five great bits of advice I can offer you on getting every element of your plans bangs on perfect.

Spend Money Sensibly On Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a kitchen is not inexpensive. But it's not that difficult to stay on your budget, especially if you get your priorities sorted out by knowing where to spend money and where to cut back.

5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Kitchen Designer

The kitchen is ideally said to be the heart of the home and it is much more than just a space to cook and dine.

Kitchen Renovations - Reasons For Hiring a Kitchen Designer

A professional kitchen designer in The Hills District, Sydney will be able to help you recognise what will help you save time and money.

Which Kitchen Design Is Best for You?

Choosing the right kitchen design is an important task, as you need to take into account the practicality and functionality of your kitchen as well as the overall appearance and ambience of the room.

Modern Small Kitchen Designs

Modern small kitchen designs are clean and very simple. With a modern design for your small kitchen, you can create a free-flowing workspace.

Best Ways for Modern Kitchen Renovations

These days, nothing could transform the home into a more desirable place than a newly transformed kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Considerations

While indoor kitchens have always been part of the household, an extension of such in the presence of an outdoor kitchen has been gaining popularity in the warmer areas of Australia.

Traditional Kitchens Embrace Comfortable Details

For years the traditional style of home decorating has gotten a bad rap. Its worst examples have always been criticized as too formal, too regimented or just plain boring.

Kitchen Renovations: Kitchen Makeover For Less Than You Think

They say: "Nothing sells homes like kitchens and bathrooms". That is true: old kitchen cabinets with chipping paint, dated backsplash and appliances, last-century tiles and vanities.

Routine Care Of Your Kitchen Counters and Vanity Tops

Here's some tips on how to take care of your kitchen counter tops and vanity tops.

How to Develop Your Custom Kitchen Design

Custom kitchen design requires the development of many details in several areas to be able to create the plans for your custom kitchen.

5 Reasons to Choose Contemporary Kitchen Design

If you are only going to improve one room, make it the kitchen. This has now become the showpiece area of the home.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

More homeowners are now planning built and remodelled to include outdoor living spaces. Most of them include an outdoor kitchen.

Modern Kitchen: Improve Your Cooking and Cleanliness With a Smarter Kitchen Design

Most people may not realise the importance of having a good kitchen design. The kitchen is considered to be one of the most important parts of the home.

Outdoor Kitchens: Designing the Perfect Backyard Cooking Station

Outdoor kitchens are becoming popular these days with everyone wanting to enjoy the great outdoors.

How to Do an Affordable Kitchens Renovations

One of the main rooms in the house that people like to renovate the most is the kitchen.

Benefits Abound With a Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is any kitchen that uses electricity or natural gas by standard definition. So technically speaking, I guess every kitchen in the western world is known as a modern kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs: Factors to Consider

Most people consider the kitchen as the most important place in their homes. It is practically where meals for the family are being prepared and served.

Best Kitchen Designers in Sydney to Remodel Your Old Kitchen

Kitchen is an important place in the house because meals are prepared here and the family gathers around the food to discuss their daily encounters.

Kitchen Designs: Modern Concepts for Kitchens of Today

Through the years no other room or any part of the house has been the focus of such intensive innovation in both the aesthetic and technological aspects.

Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Sydney

Magnificently decorated interiors are incomplete without equally attractive kitchens and baths. Every space inside the house reflects the taste of the residents and speaks volumes about it.

Choosing A Splashback For Your Kitchen

Splashbacks are a very important part of any kitchen. Not only do they add to the overall look of your kitchen, they also protect the walls in your food preparation area.

Some Quick Ideas on Fast and Affordable Kitchen Renovations

You should consider doing business with a professional kitchen designer in The Hills District, Sydney to remodel your kitchen.

Pick the Right Kitchen Designer For You

If you are remodelling or upgrading your kitchen you will need the services of a qualified and compatible designer. What does compatible mean?

Overlooked Aspects of Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen design, what are the things that tend to stand out more than anything else?

Considerations For Designing Your New Kitchen

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your kitchen, which is why it is a great idea to hire a kitchen designer.

What You Should Know About Your Kitchen Designers

A professional kitchen designer in The Hills District, Sydney helps you to design or redesign your kitchen.

Bespoke Kitchen Design Advice

When leafing through décor magazines, it is easy to imagine how your ideal kitchen would be laid out and how it would fit into your home.

The Advantages of Working With a Kitchen Designer

Designing your ultimate kitchen should be a rewarding experience. Here is why you should work with kitchen designer in The Hills District, Sydney.

Kitchen Designers: Limitless Options for a Limited Space

Kellyville Kitchens is an outstanding kitchen designer in The Hills District, Sydney that understands very well that space is the best decisive factor when deciding which equipment are fit to install.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: The Pros and Cons

Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen; it defines the style and function of your kitchen.

Trust The Best – Best Kitchen Companies in Sydney

We at Kellyville Kitchens are specialists in Custom-made kitchen designs, kitchen cabinets, and renovation services.

Easy to Implement Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Is it time for you to renovate your kitchen? Are you tired of looking at the same dingy floor and the cabinets with mismatched hardware?

Outdoor Kitchen: The Dynamics of taking your Kitchen Outside

The kitchen is typically an indoor part of our house; this is the haven where we prepare our meals throughout the days, prepare foods for the family to feast on during the holidays.

Thinking through your Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular feature of landscaping. As a place of entertainment for your guests especially during summer, you can make it comfortable and your guests will enjoy your home.

Professional Kitchen Designer Sydney

Kitchen designs are highly important because you spend a major part of the day preparing the meals, washing, cleaning and tidying up the place.

Castle Hill Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is an important area of the house where a lot of time is spent preparing and cooking food. Hence, it should have a harmonious ambience.

Baulkham Hills Kitchen Designers

The kitchen is not just a cooking area it is an activity hub and a place for socializing. While planning your kitchen design you ensure it looks appealing & is spacious and functional at the same time

Commercial Kitchens: Design Considerations To Think About

A business-oriented kitchen, that is well-designed, forms an integral part of safe, efficient and profitable commercial food preparation.

The Key Ingredients for Small Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Design may seem like a challenge at first, but once you take some time to evaluate your wants and needs you can come up with a design for your small kitchen that is functional.

Managing a Small Kitchen Design

Who doesn't want to have a lavishly designed kitchen? As you watch cooking shows and other programs featuring areas of the home, you will observe how most of the kitchens are greatly designed.

Kitchen Design Companies Sydney, Kitchen Renovation Companies Sydney

Kitchen designs are varied and no two kitchens are likely to look the same. They will essentially contain the same requirements like cabinets, faucet, refrigerator, range, dishwasher and more.

Implementing Commercial Kitchen Design in Residential Kitchens

Kitchens have always been considered one of the most important places in a house. Although there was a time when the basic emphasis was not on the design of a kitchen but things are no longer the same

Get the Freedom You Want With Bespoke Kitchen Designs

It can be easy to envision how your new kitchen would be designed and how it could complement the interiors of your home.

6 Tips to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation Project

Although the details involved in remodelling your kitchen may seem a bit overwhelming, there are some things you can do in advance to limit your stress & enjoy your time at home during this renovation

Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Choosing the best countertop for your kitchen may be one of the most complicated things in your home face-lifting procedures.

Budget Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is easily the most expensive room in the house to remodel. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, most of us don’t have the time or the money to do a full overhaul on our kitchens.

What You Should Know About Outdoor Kitchen Designs

It's been a long, hard day at work, and the rampaging dimensions assumed by the incessant traffic on crowded freeways isn't doing much to soothe the savage soul.

Top Kitchen Design Tips to Consider

Before you jump into building a new kitchen or renovating an old kitchen take the time to read these top 7 kitchen design tips.

Updating to the Countertops of Your Dreams

Is your current home a little outdated? Updating the look of your home isn't as difficult or daunting as it may seem at first.

Kitchen Benchtop: Slate Benchtop Rendering Exciting Quality And Beauty To Your Kitchen

For many years, the slate has been used popularly as kitchen benchtop. Quartz cultured stone or slate is widely used for this purpose.

Unique Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Getting your kitchen renovated can add to the beauty of your home. You'll always enjoy being around the kitchen when it's looking great.

Design Factors in an Outdoor Kitchen

Planning to have an Outdoor Kitchen in your home? You should need to give some thought to the design of your outdoor kitchen.

Straight-lined Kitchen Design: Pros and Cons

Thinking of getting your kitchen renovated and you want it to be designed along a single wall?

Tips For Creating Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are any other like themed -rooms inside the household, except that its layout is designed outside the wall perimeter of the main house

The Benefits of Using Granite Counters in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage in home makeovers right now. They have amazing utility and help to encourage families to spend more time outdoors.

Modern Kitchen Designers Sydney NSW

With the increasing popularity of modular kitchens, it is important to remodel your old lustreless kitchen, to make it look like it belongs to the present.

Kitchen Benchtop Cabinet Door Resurfacing Sydney NSW

Modern kitchens are a must-have these days. We, at Kellyville Kitchens, are your one stop solution to all your kitchen needs.

Commercial Kitchen Renovation at KellyVille Kitchens

With over 20 years of on field experience, Kellyville Kitchens is your one stop solution to all your kitchen needs.

Kitchen Renovation: Heart Surgery For Your Home

When it comes to home renovation, there is no greater return on your investment than renovating your kitchen.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Today's home decorating and designing ideas have definitely pushed the boundaries on what can be possible. Some of the today's modern designs were probably not easy to pull off during previous eras.

Kitchen Renovations: How to Pick Your Contractor

If your kitchen renovation is going to be a sizable job, unless you are a genius at DIY, and have a lot of time on your hands, you are probably going to have to hire a contractor.

The Rules of Outdoor Kitchens Design

With an outdoor kitchen just a few steps away from your house the option of spending the night outside, in the fresh air and in the company of your family of close friends, is very alluring.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Design Plans

Outdoor kitchens can enhance the look and viability of your home, especially during those spring and summer months when you simply must cook outside.

Commercial Kitchen Design Tips

Commercial kitchens that are well-designed promote efficiency which means that good food will come forth promptly, which in turn will keep your customers happy.

Secret To Investing In Kitchen Cabinets

It can be very costly to remodel your kitchen or create an entirely new one in your dream home.

Kitchen Renovations: Do-It-Yourself Tips

Home renovations make an excellent method of achieving a modern home look without having to incur the expense of moving.

How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation: 6 Helpful Tips

Remodelling your kitchen can be time-consuming and challenging and even sometimes overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Top Kitchen Renovation Tips

Check out some of the best kitchen renovation tips that can help you have the best kitchen design.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Grills

With so many types and styles available at outdoor kitchen grill retailers, choosing one can be hassling at times. So, here are seven tips to help you pick the best grill for your needs.

The Rules of Outdoor Kitchens Design

With an outdoor kitchen just a few steps away from your house the option of spending the night outside, in the fresh air and in the company of your family of close friends and is very alluring.

Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen appliances have never been so affordable and easy to install, and many families are taking advantage of these new, convenient options to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen space.

Great Outdoor Kitchen Ideas With The Most Affordable Cost

Gone are the days when people are satisfied with outdoor cooking tools like having barbeque grills, which makes perfect Sunday lunches for family and friends.

Renovating Your Bathroom With Amazing Results

You will like the way your bathroom looks when you renovate! While you have many options, look closely at oak bathroom furniture.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Whether renovating a kitchen or making a new one, there are so many things to decide upon and each one of these things requires serious decision making.

5 Creative Ideas for Kitchen Islands

Check out here some tips when designing a new kitchen island. For more details just click here.

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

Check out here these 9 great ways to save money on your bathroom renovation. For more details just click here.

Modern And Stylish Laminate Benchtops

Compared to materials such as granite, marble and stainless steel, Laminate offers real affordability while still looking great.

Kitchen Benchtop: Choose the One That Fits and Blends Well With Your Taste and Style

A kitchen benchtop has a dramatic and significant impact on the overall look and ambience of your kitchen.

Benefits of Renovating a Kitchen With Glass Splashbacks

Deciding on the right glass splashback for a kitchen you are planning on renovating is often a big designed decision.

Plastic Kitchen Splashbacks

Acrylic or plastic kitchen splashbacks are gaining popularity among users. In addition to plastic splashbacks, you can also find backsplashes in granite, timber, ceramic and Zenolite.

Great Guidelines for Kitchen Renovations

Most people spend some quality time in their kitchens and many of them feel that they need a kitchen remodelling.

Current Trends In Kitchen Renovations

Check out some of the trends in kitchen renovations that can help you choose what would be the design to your kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Renovation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you a homeowner who is thinking about a DIY kitchen renovation? Perhaps you are wanting a fresh new look or possibly just getting tired of your worn old gloomy kitchen.

Kitchen Renovations: 10 Tips You Need to Know Before You Start

Kitchen Renovation can be an exciting, creative project, and you can create your dream kitchen. But where do you start? Here are 10 tips you need to know before you start your kitchen renovation.

Tips for Going Bespoke on Your Kitchen Designs

It's absolutely worth investing in your dream kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most admired attractions in your home.

Why Modular Kitchen Designs Are The Latest Trend in Home Decor

They include both high tech appliances with their customised innovative accessories, to produce a sleek kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design Plans

Small kitchen design planning is very important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes.

Kitchen Design - 10 Top Tips

Check out the best 10 tips that can help you designing or renovating your kitchen.

A Budget-Friendly Way To Beautify Your Kitchen

Have you had enough with those old looking cabinets in your kitchen? Are you sick and tired of constantly opening and closing them with those close hinges and broken knobs?

What To Do Before Starting Your Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations

For many homeowners, doing things that will improve the beauty and functions of their home is very important.

Advantages of Using Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks can be a practical addition to any home. They are contemporary in style, durable and hygienic.

Types of Kitchen Splashbacks

Are you planning to buy a new kitchen splashback/ backsplash? Here are a few materials you can consider using, together with some advantages and disadvantages for each.

Basic Outdoor Kitchens

The following are some areas to consider when deciding on how to customise your outdoor kitchen.

Important Reasons To Regularly Maintain And Clean Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are a homeowner, you definitely know that one of the parts or areas of the home that needs consistent cleaning, maintenance and repairs is the kitchen.

How to Select the Best Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are often bought as whole blocks and trimmed to fit. They are extremely heavy and are best installed by professional contractors.

4 Low-Maintenance Kitchen Countertops That Can Stand the Kitchen Heat

Kitchen countertops are an important part of every kitchen. Whenever you decide to spruce up the kitchen area, it is important to consider the kitchen countertop.

Adopting Kitchen Designs That Are Family Friendly

A kitchen is one of the most important places in a house. It is where foods are being prepared and that is why it should have a design that is generally acceptable to the whole family.

3 Hot Kitchen Design Ideas

Here are three trendy ideas and design topics that will provide you with a beautiful and functional space to cook and entertain.

Information About Kitchen Designs

Kitchen designs help to make individuals homes more pleasing to look at and functional. Every homeowner appreciates different styles and decorations in this very special place.

A Guide To Kitchen Design: How To Enhance Your Kitchen Experience

Due to the ever-growing changes in a kitchen's function, it seems only appropriate that there are constantly changing kitchen designs. Below are some of the new faces a kitchen may have.

7 Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens have evolved a lot over the years. Once found only in the rear of the house, today's kitchen design takes the kitchen out the background.

What Skills Should You Look for in a Kitchen Designer

Below are some of the skills that a quality kitchen designer should possess.

Small Kitchens

In recent years, with the economic change people have trimmed the kitchen area and now smaller kitchens are a way of life.

Green Kitchen Decor Ideas

Indoor gardening is popular because it provides fresh herbs, adds up to savings as well as gives green refreshing look to your boring kitchen.

Kitchen Renovations & Makeovers – Glass Splashbacks vs Wall tiles

When choosing a splashback for your kitchen which does you believe will give you the best effect to suit what you wish to achieve.

Dream Kitchen Tips & Guide

Tired of one’s old kitchen? You are able to acquire the perfect kitchen via reasonably priced kitchen tips.

Ten Top Secret Kitchen Design Tips

Here are just SOME of the details I’d like to share with you.

10 Kitchen Design Tips

Want the ideal kitchen? Then follow this failsafe guide for the best results.

Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Lighting your kitchen doesn’t need to be a complex matter, but it is layered.

Small Kitchen Design Tips

Small kitchens may present a design challenge, but they can also be a step-saving model of efficiency.

Kitchen Renovations, Makeovers & New Designs Sydney

Transformed and custom built from old, outdated kitchens into beautiful new modern kitchens.

How To Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Brand New

Here are some guides on how to make your kitchen cabinets look brand new.

Picking Out the Best Kitchen Countertops

This is why you have to carefully choose the kitchen countertop you'll install for construction or renovation. It has to be made from a material that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Universal Kitchen Design

As you plan your new kitchen, consider how you can incorporate the common-sense principles of universal design.

Wardrobe Design Sydney NSW

Most women grow up with the dream of having their perfect walk-in closet like the ones they have seen celebrities own.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Sydney NSW

Whether you want it for the new restaurant you are setting up in the heart of nature or for your Sunday barbeque parties, we are the ones you should consult for an innovative outdoor kitchen design.

Kitchen Installers Sydney NSW

Stop cramming your entire cutlery into one drawer in the hopes that when you shut it no one will be able to see the mess. This only results in clutter and makes cooking an unpleasant experience.

Kitchen Resurfacing Sydney NSW

If you are tired of the way your kitchen looks and want to change it up, you need not renovate it from scratch.

Kitchen Countertops Sydney NSW

There are a number of options in selecting the right kitchen countertop supplier in Sydney NSW for one’s home. It depends on what the person expects and desires from his/her kitchen counter top.

Room Additions Sydney NSW

Room additions are a way of utilising the extra space in the house that is big enough to create a room, which can be used for various benefits.

Bathroom Remodeling Sydney NSW

Bathroom remodeling really adds value to the home and also increases the level of enjoyment in the most commonly used room of the house.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Sydney NSW

One of the main parts of the house is the kitchen area. The place has to be always clean and tidy.

Kitchen Tile Sydney NSW

Cleaning the kitchen tile Sydney NSW depends on the type of the tile. The requirements different tiles are different. But the mist common technique used to clean kitchen tile is as follows.

Granite Countertop Sydney NSW

It’s been a decade that kitchen granite countertops sydney NSW have become so popular that every housewife wants one in her kitchen.

Latest Kitchen Trends this 2017

Planning to have a kitchen renovations? Check out here some of the latest kitchen trends!

Glass Splashbacks vs Wall Tiles

In modern kitchens Splashbacks play a vital role in kitchen design, feel and look while adding wow factor to the overall kitchen design. The most common Splashbacks are glass Splashbacks & wall tiles.

Top 5 Greener Kitchen Tips

A green kitchen saves tons of money. Disposable kitchen products simply put cash in the trash and grow our pollution problems. Here are 5 things you can do today to start saving money and the planet.

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